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Northstowe is a new town being built alongside the guided busway in South Cambridgeshire. Based on the site of the former RAF Oakington base and surrounding farmland between Cambridge and Huntingdon, Northstowe will be a sustainable new development that is richly steeped in local history, giving it an identity that is entirely unique and one that promotes health and well-being. 

Northstowe will have 10,000 new homes and an anticipated population of around 26,000 people.

Read more about Northstowe.

The Northstowe Community Forum is a space for local residents to engage with developers and public sector bodies about the new town of Northstowe.

The forum is chaired by the District Council's elected members for Longstanton Ward, Cllr Sarah Cheung Johnson and Cllr Alex Malyon and includes representatives from:

  • South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • Greater Cambridge Planning Service
  • Cambridgeshire County Council 


Next meeting: 23 March 2022

Time: 7pm to 9pm 
Format: TBC 
Agenda: TBC

If you would like to ask a question at the next meeting, please forward this request to
If you would like a specific topic or theme discussed at the next meeting, please email us your request. 

Future meetings

  • 13 July 2022
  • 12 October 2022

The format of the Forums will either be in-person or on Zoom.

Code of Conduct

All delegates attending Forum events must undertake to:

  • Treat all people with respect and act in a way which does not discriminate against or exclude anyone
  • Act in a fair and responsible way to all

All people coming to Forum events agree by their presence that they will:

  • Observe the authority of the Chair or facilitator at all times
  • Listen quietly to and respect the views and experiences of other people contributing
  • Agree to and follow the standard of behaviour expected at each event, according to what is happening at that event. (e.g. no interrupting or shouting)
  • Allow others to have equal opportunity and time to share their opinions
  • Not use inflammatory language or behaviour of any kind

If the above values are not met during a meeting or event, the Chair, facilitator or nominated officer may take one or more of the following steps with the objective of restoring order.

Any person making offensive, insulting, threatening, provocative, slanderous or obscene remarks, or who becomes boisterous, or who threatens or harasses any person or property while at a Forum event, will cause the event to be suspended for the shortest period needed to allow order to be restored.

Any person or people causing an event to be interrupted by reason of behaviours identified above, who does so more than once, can be asked to leave the event by the Chair or staff at the event. This can be for a specific length of time to allow the person or people to cool off or for the rest of the meeting or event, depending on the judgement of the Chair or staff present.

Where the Chair believes that:

  • The event has become unmanageable, unnecessarily interrupted, harassed or hindered more than once by the same person or people,
  • There has been behaviour which threatens the safety of him or herself or others present, the Chair may opt to suspend the meeting or event until order is restored or to end the meeting, or event, if they feel that it is appropriate.
  • Any person or persons causing through their behaviour, any other individual or individuals present at a Forum event to fear for their personal safety may be subject to immediate removal from the event and/or the event premises.


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Previous meetings

If you would like the minutes and presentations from previous meetings, please email

Chair's Welcome

Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson, SCDC

Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson introducing the panelists

Northstowe Town Council: Our work so far, plans going forward and elections

Richard Owen, Mayor, Northstowe Town Council

Mark Nokkert, Town Clerk, Northstowe Town Council


  • First tier of local government 
  • 15 independent councillors 
  • 5 committees: Planning, Personnel, Assets and Asset transfer. Finance and Governance, Events and Markets
  • Next election: 5th May 2022 (for a 4 year period) 
  • Nominations need to be received before the 5 April 2022, the clerk can be contacted for more details of the process by anyone interested in standing for election to the Town Council.
  • The Town Council hopes to hold some taster sessions ahead of nominations to help residents decide if they would like to nominate themselves. 

Greening the Green: Public Spaces and Greening Strategy

Riccardo Bobisse, Urbanist, AR - Urbanism

  • Keen to build on the Healthy New Town priorities, encouraging walking and cycling, by separating pedestrians from vehicles for example. 
  • It is important the employment zone and the Local Centre are integrated together. 
  • Maximise the green spaces and reuse water as much as possible 
  • Create biodiversity and by integrating green technologies and ecology in the buildings and public realm, by having green façades, insect and bird boxes etc.
  • Currently testing different layouts for the buildings

Question. Who will pay for management of these new public spaces? 

  • Management arrangements for the public realm are to be determined, but the businesses occupying the area would likely contribute to costs, as opposed to  being covered entirely by residents.

Phase 1 Update

Stephen Sage, Project Director, L&Q Estates

Tam Parry, Principal Transport Officer, CCC

  • L&Q is still responsible for the maintenance of LEAP (Local equipped area for play) 1 and 2 and the waterpark. 
  • LEAP 2 remains closed as some amenity grass needs to be reseeded 
  • The majority of the Western Park, local centre and Pioneer Park has been handed over to Greenbelt. 
  • As part of the handover of Western Park to Greenbelt, L&Q was required to carry out a condition survey of the trees, which highlighted a number of trees which are required to be removed due to being unsafe or dead. These will be replaced. 
  • LEAP 3 Reserved Matters Application has now been submitted and the Southern Greenway also still needs to be approved. 
  • Roads, cycle ways and footways should all be complete by the end of 2024

Phase 2 Update

Dean Harris, Senior Specialist, Homes England

Tom Hustler, Community Engagement Manager, Homes England 

  • First residents have moved into the Inholm development (Urban Splash).
  • Housebuilder, Keepmoat to start the next parcel, Fenways in spring 2022.
  • Homes England are seeking a development partner for the Central One parcel, to include part of the town centre plus a housing parcel adjacent to the Education Campus.
  • B1050 works to last 3 months
  • New access road to open April 2022
  • Phase 2 Waterpark to open April 2022
  • Cricket pitch will be part of the Phase 2 sport offer. Should be open and operational 2026. 
  • A new Community Engagement Team are now in post, who are keen to work with residents and officers to continue to build the community at Northstowe.

Northstowe Community Buildings

Peter Campbell, Head of Housing, SCDC

  • Sports Pavilion - Planning permission was granted in November. SCDC are currently out to tender and once have appointed a builder will negotiate a start date. 
  • Local Centre – AR Urbanism’s work will result in a masterplan. Hope to seek planning permission in Q2 of the next financial year. 
  • Civic Hub – to provide health, library and community space. Progress has been hampered as key partners have dealt with the pandemic, however consultants have helped draw together a blueprint of requirements for the building; a report is expected in the next few weeks and once approved by elected members further progress can be made.

Greenbelt Update

Nick Upton, Greenbelt

Robin Waddell, Greenbelt

  • Site wide Greenbelt currently manage the local centre, Pioneer Park and Western Park (except 3G)
  • Greenbelt also have contracts with 4 house builders, with a further 2 to exchange mid-January and the others will then come later on. 
  • Some residents may have paid a contribution to their house builder. Once Greenbelt has secured a contract with the relevant house builder any monies the house builder has collected will be passed to Greenbelt but this takes time. Once Greenbelt have received the money Greenbelt will provide a credit to residents.
  • This year the billing period will be 1 November to 31 October.

Northstowe ICAN Study

Kate Ellis, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

Emma Lawlor, Research Associate, University of Cambridge

  • STEP – School Travel Environments Project. The aim of this project was to find out how families make decisions about school travel and experience the environment on their way to and from school 
  • 10 families participated with at least one child (8-12) – 13 children in total
  • The children took photos of the obstacles they tackle, the surfaces of the road as well as positive changes to their school route.


  • Surveyed 99 residents (out of 450 houses who hadn’t taken up the financial incentives)
  • Aim: To explore whether financial incentives have the potential to influence travel behaviour in Northstowe
  • 1 group had to email for incentives (as is the normal process), 1 group received incentives directly and 1 group received greater incentives directly.
  • Incentives included decathlon vouchers, stagecoach vouchers, cycle service, e-bike credit, payment of a contribution to the Greenbelt management charge.
  • 15 participants have taken part in zoom/telephone interviews 
  • Researchers will be following up at 3/6 months to see if issuing these incentives has influenced the travel behaviour of participants in the study.

Community Update & New Faces

Jon London, Northstowe Community Development Officer, SCDC

Mihaela Stan, Northstowe Community Development Officer Phase 1, SCDC 

Kathryn Beck, Northstowe Community Development Officer Phase 2, SCDC 

Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson, SCDC

  • Jon London, Phase 1 Community Development Officer, thanked the community and gave a summary of the things achieved in Northstowe since he joined in January 2018. Jon is leaving SCDC but Mihaela Stan joins SCDC as the Phase 1 Community Development Officer and Kathryn Beck joins the team as the Phase 2 Community Development Officer. 
  • From 56 houses in January 2018 there are now 1084 houses occupied (NB: this figure does include Rampton Drift)

Chair's welcome

Gareth Bell - Communications and Sustainable Communities Service Manager, South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC)

Gareth Bell chaired the forum as Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson was unfortunately unavailable.  This evening is the last event to be streamed on Facebook.

The issue of missing post was raised, and the requirements for a new defibrillator and post-box.  Please contact if you are effected.

Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group: Smarter Journeys

Prajina Baisyet, Travel Plan Plus Project Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC)

Smarter Journeys have been awarded the Travel Plan coordinator role for Northstowe Phase 2. An E-Car Club will be going live shortly, with a bookable e-vehicle at Longstanton Park & Ride. A bicycle repair station will be installed on The Green by the end of November, with tools available to repair most common issues. Travel benefits are currently paused due to the ICAN Study (See below.)  Dates for bicycle repair sessions will be promoted via Facebook.  Following 3 e-bike thefts a request has been made that the bikes be returned, and the hub codes not shared.

Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group: Northstowe ICAN Study

Kate Ellis, Research Associate, University of Cambridge.  Emma Lawlor, Research Associate, University of Cambridge


Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group: Voi's potential expansion plans update

Mehmet Ahmet, Transport Programme Manager, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority


Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group: Stagecoach update

Darren Roe, Interim Managing Director, Stagecoach East


Shaping the Green: engagement update

Riccardo Bobisse, AR-Urbanism


Piling on Parcel H9

Alex Szarawarski, Technical Director, David Wilson Homes

Asa Chittock, Development Director, David Wilson Homes


Phase 1 update

Stephen Sage, Project Director, L&Q Estates

Town centre update

Tim Watts, Senior Design and Development Manager, Homes England

Planning update

Andrew Thompson, Principal Planner, Strategic Sites, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning (GCSP)

Will Holloway, Principal Planning Enforcement Officer, GCSP

Local Plan

Hana Loftus, Engagement and Communications Lead, Strategic Sites, GCSP


The July 14 2021 Northstowe Community Forum was chaired by Councillor Sarah Cheung Johnson and was viewed by approximately 60 people across Zoom & Facebook.

Chair’s welcome: Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson, Chair, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Cllr Sarah Cheung Johnson, Chair, welcomed everyone and introduced the panellists.

Introducing your new County Councillor & Town Council

  • Cllr. Firouz Thompson, Member for Longstanton, Northstowe and Over, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Cllr. Richard Owen, Mayor, Northstowe Town Council

Cllr. Thompson highlights Environment, Sustainability, Biodiversity and The Climate Emergency as top priorities moving forward. Net-zero target being brought forward to 2030.

Cllr. Thompson targets:

  • Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 all cycle paths to be connected, safe cycle paths to be introduced.
  • Implement zero single-use plastics in schools and catering
  • Families eligible for free school meals to be given supermarket vouchers during school holidays (Cllr. Thompson highlights 240 families latest figure for 7 councils, but set to rise).

Cllr. Thompson addresses backlog in road maintenance. Contracts being implemented to resolve this as well as flooding issues.

Cllr. Richard Owen, elected Town Mayor of Northstowe as of May, who gives background on Northstowe Town and Council:

  • Northstowe Town Council created in April 2021 following Community Governance Review
  • Represents Northstowe and Rampton Drift as first tier of local government.
  • Elections in May – 15 Independent Councillors elected from 20 candidates.
  • Representative of community in age, gender, diversity and location – councillors across Northstowe and Rampton Drift
  • One full-time employee – Town Clerk (Mark Nokkert).

 Cllr. Richard Owen highlights Northstowe Town Council Responsibilities:

  • Our first responsibility is to represent your interests!
  • Key Consultee on planning applications (particularly important as plans for town centre and local commercial areas incoming.)
  • Set up local events and markets and support community groups.
  • Option to take over and manage community assets and buildings.
  • Lead sustainability initiatives to protect and enhance open space and biodiversity in Northstowe.
  • Town Council works with other councils and organisations to ensure your views are heard. (SCDC, CCC, L&Q Homes England, Police, Transport).

Northstowe Town Council is also a member of several cross-community working groups set up to represent our interests:

  • Phase 1 Open Spaces Steering group (SCDC, L&Q, Greenbelt)
  • Northstowe Support Partnership (with CCC, SCDC)
  • Northstowe Youth Partnership
  • Northstowe Faith Strategy Group
  • Northstowe Arts Pavilion Project
  • Heritage Building Steering Group

Contact Town Clerk:  

Town Mayor:

Shaping The Green: Local Centre and Employment Zone: Riccardo Bobisse, Urbanist, AR-urbanism

AR Urbanism were appointed at the end of May by SCDC to provide advice to the Council in the preparation of the planning proposals for the local centre/employment zone.

AR Urbanism’s Main tasks:

  • Agree the vision and develop a strategic brief and masterplan
  • Develop on the design principles and explore high level options for the Enterprise Zone and Local Centre
  • Understand the evidence that has resulted in the recent design principles proposed and to challenge and provide alternative solutions where appropriate that work from a placemaking perspective.
  • Review similar case studies and identify lessons learned from previous projects
  • Consult with key stakeholders, residents and consultees to identify significant project issues, mitigations and master programme (currently taking place and more will take place during September)
  • Prepare the outline business case
  • Identify and develop the most appropriate delivery strategy

Greenbelt update: Nick Upton, Customer Liaison Officer, Greenbelt

Greenbelt are currently managing the Bloor Homes and Barratt Homes parcels. Nick Upton showed a map detailing which exact areas they are maintaining. This has already been shared with residents. Greenbelt will take on the other parcels in due course.

Inholm Phase 2B (Age Restricted Housing): Andrew Thompson, Principal Planner, Strategic Sites, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service

Originally approved in February 2020 and part of the Urban Splash parcel

  • 60 apartments with a mix of 45 no.1 beds and 15 no.2 beds
  • Each apartment will have a porch where they can sit.
  • Designed to meet the National Technical Housing Standards and Lifetime Homes design standard
  • Communal space on the ground floor includes a meeting space and a small kitchen
  • Community courtyard (flipped by 90 degrees)
  • Terrace which will overlook the lakes
  • Walled garden (new addition)
  • 30 car parking spaces (change of location, was previously under the building but now at surface level)
  • Charging posts for 4 electric vehicles
  • Space for 50 bikes or 38 bikes and 6 mobility scooters (change of location)
  • Solar panels on the roofs
  • Bat and bird boxes provision

Will go to planning committee as we are the delivery partner and part of the affordable housing offer.

Why do some flats get gardens and others do not? Most flats will have private amenity space, but it is just dependent on the design aspect. Upper flats will have different amounts to the ground floor. The quality of the space has been part of the discussion.

In part of the submission there are revised statements for ecological and foul water?

Just need to make sure we have the latest supporting documents. Bat and bird boxes will still be installed so making sure the ecology benefits are continued. There have also been new tree planting and the green wall so these will have been factored into the ecology.

Any scope to extend in the future? It is purpose built so not aware of there being any scope to extend in the future.

Primary Road & Cycle Path Adoption: Stephen Sage, Project Director, L & Q Estates and Tam Parry, Principal Transport Officer, Cambridgeshire County Council

Waterpark: L&Q have been finishing the planting and seeding works. May was extremely wet which delayed this but seeding works have now been completed. Seed has started to germinate. L&Q will open them up as soon as the grass established.

LEAP 1 and LEAP 2 – These will be open as soon as the grass establishes.

Highways – During the last quarter we have completed about 200m of footway on Eagle Way and next quarter (3rd Quarter of this year) we look to complete another 200m.

Grass roundabout on Pathfinder Way: L&Q confirmed this is still under their maintenance. Admitted it currently looks neglected, but they have appointed a new contractor to re-seed the areas which had planting previously.  

Completions on local centre and employment zone are key to being able to complete the main infrastructure works, footways, cycle ways and carriageways along Pathfinder Way, Sterling Road, Wellington Road, Links Lane and Eagle Way.

All four housebuilders anticipate completing building works end of 2023, 2 years ahead of the previous predictions made 18 months ago. This is dependent on the current buoyant housing market but commitment from the housebuilders to achieve this target. Based on this L&Q aim to achieve potential completion at the end of 2024 and then adoption of the roads end of 2025 (following a 12 months maintenance period).

Tam gave an updated on the existing cycling paths which are now open and provided a map as well as mentioned the routes which will be open later in the year and in the future. (map provided in the video).

Cambridgeshire County Council are focused on connecting the path link between Longstanton Park and Ride to the Phase 1 Waterpark and the bus only road (north-south link). The key issue is funding and trying to resolve this.

Planning update and questions from the community: Andrew Thompson, Principal Planner, Strategic Sites, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service, Dean Harris, Senior Specialist, Homes England and Stephen Sage from L & Q included the phase 1 planning update in his discussion on cycle paths and primary roads.

Community update: Jon London, Northstowe Community Development Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Occupations: 850 occupations and house market is very buoyant.

A sub-group of the Northstowe Support Partnership has been created to look at building a better sense of place through arts-based projects, identifying local champions and linking with arts organisations such as the Arts Council and Festival Bridge. The first project is to look at how best to utilise the 4 art pavilions recently located at Northstowe Secondary College. Very keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved.

Outdoor Gym is now open at Pioneer Park. A hand sanitiser pump has also been installed.

Table Tennis Tables: The new preferred location, along the Northern Green, is being considered and neighbouring residents will be informed.

Northstowe Community Wing: Community Wing now open for bookings but guidelines such as wearing masks will still be recommended. Jon London is also working from the Community Wing most Wednesdays and Thursdays and residents are most welcome to pop in for a chat.

Pioneer Café: Friends of Wing has now established Pioneer Café every Wednesday 10am-12.30pm.

Foodbank: The Trussell Trust has opened a foodbank at the wing every Wednesday 1.30pm – 3.30pm.

Allotments: Working with our preferred supply we now have a technical specification for the drainage solution. We are now going through the pre-application process to ensure it accords with the Phase 1 drainage strategy. 

Community Networkers: Every 2nd Wednesday of the month (excluding forum months) Community Networks meet where different community groups can meet and discuss problems and solutions.

Chair's welcome: Gareth Bell - Communications and Sustainable Communities Service Manager, South Cambridgeshire District Council 

The April 14 2021 Northstowe Community Forum was chaired by Gareth Bell and was viewed by approximately 90 people across Zoom & Facebook. The Forum started with a minute’s silence in memory of The Duke of Edinburgh, who had sadly passed away.

Phase 1 Sports Pavilion Update: Rob Dean - Development Project Manager, South Cambridgeshire District Council

A question was raised by a member of the community about medical provision in Northstowe

Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group

The following three items were supplied as a part of the County Council's Northstowe Travel Plan Steering Group.

Northstowe Residential Travel Survey Prajina Baisyet - Travel Plan Plus Project Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council

Stagecoach Update Darren Roe: Interim Managing Director, Stagecoach East

Voi’s Current Scheme and Potential Expansion Plans Mehmet Ahmet, - Transport Manager, Cambridgeshire Peterborough Combined Authority

Local Centre and Enterprise Zone David Ousby - Head of Commercial Development & Investment, SCDC

Phase 1 Update Stuart Field - Associate Planning Director, L & Q Estates Stephen Sage - Project Director, L & Q Estates

Phase 2 Update Dean Harris - Senior Specialist, Homes England

Planning Response Andrew Thompson - Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service

Northstowe Town Council Rosie Hughes - Interim Town Clerk, Northstowe Town Council

Community Update Jon London - Northstowe Community Development Officer, South Cambridgeshire District Council

At the start of the Community Update Clare Gibbons gave an update on the proposed relocation of the outdoor gym and table tennis tables

Approximately 130 people were involved in the Forum, including presenters and attendees on both the Zoom call and the Facebook livestream.

Chairs’ Welcome:

Cllr. Sarah Cheung Johnson


Interim Town Clerk:

Rosie Hughes—Northstowe Town Council


Phase 1 Open Spaces:

Nick Upton—Greenbelt


Sports Pavilion:

Rob Dean—South Cambridgeshire District Council

Visit our sports pavilion page to find out more


Phase 1 Update:

Stephen Sage, Stuart Field – L & Q Estates


Phase 2b:

Craig Jones—Boon Brown Architects, James Whelan — Keepmoat, Nigel Jarvis—Luckenbeck


Digital Park Leslie Gawn:

Gawn Associates


Phase 3 Update:

Dean Harris — Homes England, Katja Stille—Tibbalds, Janice Hughes—Arcadis


Planning Response:

Andrew Thompson—Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service


Community Update:

Jon London—South Cambridgeshire District Council

The 7 October Northstowe Community Forum was held online via Facebook Northstowe Community. The full unedited live stream is still available to view.

The meeting was chaired by Councillor Sarah Cheung Johnson and watched live by around 50 people.

Chair's Welcome

Councillor Sarah Cheung Johnson

Travel Plan Steering Group Meeting

SmartJourney Update - Prajina Baisyet, Cambridge County Council
Stagecoach Service - Garry Nicholass, Stagecoach
Train Services - Alan Neville, Greater Anglia

Supporting New Communities

Kathryn Beck, BPHA

Phase 1 Building and Planning Updates

Stuart Field & Stephen Sage, L & Q Estates
James Tipping, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service

Phase 2 and 3 Planning B

Andrew Thompson, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service

Community Buildings

Peter Campbell, South Cambridgeshire District Council

Travel Study

Kate Ellis, University of Cambridge

Community Governance Review

Ellen Bridges, South Cambridgeshire District Council


Emily Jones, Homes England

Community Update

Jon London, South Cambridgeshire District Council


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