Your common Northstowe questions answered

We have put together a list of some of the most common questions that we get asked about various aspects of Northstowe. We hope that this page is helpful. 

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We will add further questions and answers to this page in future. This page was last updated on Wednesday 3 May 2023.

When is each permanent community facility coming forward?

In regard to the timing of each building coming forwards, as of 16 March 2023, here’s what we can tell you at this stage: 

  • Phase 1 Sports Pavilion: Work has started on site, and we expect it to be completed in Summer 2023. 
  • Temporary community centre: Our plans for a temporary community centre at Northstowe were approved by our Planning Committee on Wednesday 8 March 2023. The Council will now work with the contractors supplying the building to confirm the timeline for getting it equipped – and will let Northstowe residents know an opening date as soon as possible. You can view a video of the building being delivered below; our thanks to SkyTech Cambridge for the footage. The building will be placed on land owned by the Council next to The Green, on Pathfinder Way, alongside the area earmarked for Northstowe’s permanent community centre. The large single-storey modular building includes plans for a generous lobby with kitchenette and toilets, storage, and will have space for 3 offices, an NHS room, and 2 large community rooms which can be used for a wide range of activities for all ages including: 
    • Community cafe and pantry
    • Baby and toddler groups 
    • Private hire for events such as birthday parties 
    • Children and youth activities 
    • Art workshops and events 
    • Meeting spaces for sport and activity groups 

  • Phase 1 Community Centre: The aim is for the Council to submit a planning application in Summer 2023, with an anticipated delivery date of 2025. 
  • Phase 2 Civic Hub: We are currently working with partners and stakeholders to produce a detailed design brief ahead of going out to procurement later this year (2023). 
  • Phase 2 Sports Pavilion: Work has not yet commenced owing to the delivery of this facility coming in a later stage of Northstowe's development. It is anticipated that this pavilion will likely be delivered when around 2,500 homes at Northstowe are occupied. 

When will the first shops and cafes open?

Homes England is seeking a partner to deliver Central One. This is an initial phase of the Northstowe town centre. It is planned to include a market hall and a convenience store, as part of a mix of uses appropriate to a town centre setting. It also includes space for the Civic Hub building, including library, health and community space. Proposals will be worked up during the next year. It is hoped that construction work will then start before the end of 2023. Facilities will then open to residents as an early deliverable, within a four-year build programme.

When will the roads be adopted?

Roads, cycle paths and footways should all be complete by the end of 2024. The adoption of roads is currently expected to be at the end of 2025, following a 12-month maintenance period.

What provision is there for GP services for residents?

Currently, Northstowe residents can register with the local GP surgery at Willingham Medical Practice. Going forwards, the Civic Hub, planned as part of Phase 2 of Northstowe, will provide healthcare space, including GP services.

When will the Phase 2 Waterpark open?

Phase 2 waterpark is scheduled to be open by July 2023.

Questions answered at recent Northstowe Community Forums

The following questions have been answered during recent Northstowe Community Forums.

When will the roads and cycle paths in Phase 1 be completed?

The issue is that the construction lorries inevitably clip corners and destroy curb stones – that is why there are so many that are loose in Northstowe. Because of this it does not make sense to finish the roads to their final surface, as it would only take a few months before they were in need of repair. 

The Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Team has investigated different possible routes for the construction traffic, but once lorries enter Northstowe there are 4 separate housebuilders’ compounds as destinations, which means that whatever route they take, almost every major road in Northstowe is subject to at least some lorry traffic. 

Individual housebuilders are responsible for their own parcels, including roads. 

Roads, cycle ways and footways should all be complete by the end of 2024. The adoption of roads will then be end of 2025, following a 12-month maintenance period.

We were requested to make a fee payment before completion of our property which would go towards the first year’s fee, but we still received an invoice from Greenbelt.

Once Greenbelt has secured a contract with the relevant house builder, any monies the house builder has collected will be passed to Greenbelt and Greenbelt will provide a credit to residents.

What is the latest on the Civic Hub?

The Civic Hub will provide health, library and community space. Progress has been hampered as key partners have dealt with the pandemic. However, consultants have helped draw together a blueprint of requirements for the building and a report is expected shortly. 

Any updates on missing post?

The issue of missing post has been escalated to Royal Mail and they are investigating. 

How do I report something that I am concerned about?