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A428 Development Cluster Community Forums - Agenda


Chair: Gareth Bell
Planning Lead: Stephen Kelly
Communities Lead: Louise Lord
Communities Support: Ben Thackray  

A428 Development Cluster Forums for Bourn Airfield and Cambourne

  1. Welcome and introduction (Chair - Gareth Bell) - 6pm to 6:05pm
  2. Planning update (Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service - Stephen Kelly) - 6:05pm to 6:10pm
  3. Cambourne West update (Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service - James Truett) - 6:10pm to 6:15pm
  4. Questions and answers - 6:15pm to 6:25pm
  5. SCIP planning application update (Greater Cambridge Shared Planning service - Aaron Coe) - 6:25pm to 6:35pm
  6. Questions and answers - 6:35pm to 6:50pm 
  7. Bourn Quarter (Aitchison Developments, Chris Mill and Harry Aitchison) - 6:50pm to 6:55pm
  8. Questions and answers - 6:55pm to 7pm
  9. Forum Review (South Cambridgeshire District Council, Louise Lord) - 7pm to 7:05pm 
  10. Discussion - 7pm to 7:15pm 
  11. Meeting close (Chair - Gareth Bell) - 7:20pm 

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