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Council accounts and Annual Governance Statement

The role of the Finance Service here is to ensure that the council’s money is spent wisely and in accordance with the priorities that have been agreed for the council.

We strive to be open about our finances and about letting you know how the money is being used. 

Statement of accounts 2017/18

Revised draft unaudited accounts for 2017/18

We'll publish the 2017/18 Audited Statement of Accounts as soon as our External Auditors have concluded their audit work and provided an Audit Opinion.  We expect this to be available in December 2018.

Please find below a PDF copy of our statement of accounts for the financial year 2017/2018:

Draft statement of accounts 2017/18

Public inspection notice 2017/18

Explanatory foreword

The Statement of Accounts brings together the major financial statements of the Council and consists of:

a) the Statement of Accounting Policies which sets out the basis on which the accounts have been compiled;

b) Core financial statements:

the Movement in Reserves Statement shows the movement in the year on the different reserves held by the authority, analysed into usable reserves and other resources:

the Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Account summarising revenue expenditure and income for the year on all services compiled in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices;

the Balance Sheet setting out the financial position of the Council as at 31 March with the balances and reserves available for future use and the assets employed in its operations; and

the Cash Flow Statement which summarises the inflows and outflows of cash arising from transactions with third parties;

with associated notes grouped together for all the core financial statements.

c) Supplementary financial statements:

the Housing Revenue Income and Expenditure Account which shows revenue expenditure and income on Council housing for the year and is a ring-fenced account within the General Fund to prevent any cross-subsidy between general income and rents; and

the Collection Fund which includes the council taxes and business rates collected by South Cambridgeshire District Council on behalf of those authorities responsible for services within the district and the way in which these monies have been distributed among the authorities to finance their expenditure.

d)Group Accounts

A housing company, trading as Ermine Street Housing, was incorporated and began trading on 1 April 2014. As an independent but wholly   owned subsidiary the Council has prepared group accounts to show the overall financial position and results of the district council.

The Annual Audit Letter sets out the key findings of the Council’s auditors following the completion and audit of the 2015-16 accounts; a copy of the letter can be downloaded here: Auditors Certificate 2015-16

Annual performance to 31 March 2017

Please find below a PDF copy of our annual assessment of governance and performance up to 31 March 2017:

Annual Governance Statement

 Draft Annual Governance Statement

For further information, see also our Year-End Position Report on Finance, Performance and Risk: Item 7 of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee Agenda

Code of Corporate Governance

The Council's Code of Corporate Governance describes the framework in which we direct and control our functions and relate to our communities. It was agreed by Audit and Corporate Governance Committee in September 2017 and will be evaluated annually within the Annual Governance Statement (see above).

Historic Statements  

For accounts prior to 2015-16 please see: Historic Statements

Contact Information

If you require any further information please contact the Council's Head of Finance, Policy and Performance Caroline Ryba, using our details below.

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