Statement of consultation

The Statement of Consultation sets out how South Cambridgeshire District Council has undertaken consultation in preparing its Local Plan. It provides an overview on the following:

  • who was invited to make representations;

  • how they were invited to do so;

  • a summary of the main issues raised by the representations; and

  • how these have been addressed in the Local Plan.

This consultation statement complies with the regulations governing plan making and the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

The Statement of Consultation (March 2014) is available to download below:

A series of workshops with Parish Councils and District Councillors were held in July 2012. The purpose of these workshops was to explore how the Local Plan can help deliver Parish aspirations and to inform Parish Councils of the issues most relevant to them to assist them with making their responses to the Issues and Options public consultation. Notes of the workshops are published in the Statement of Consultation (Appendix B). The notes do not record attendance and therefore attendance details are recorded in this supplementary note.

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