Statement of Community Involvement

Statement of Community Involvement - adopted January 2010

Addendum to Statement of Community Involvement - agreed July 2018

What is the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)?

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) provides information on how we will involve the community and other local and national stakeholders in the planning process.

The SCI explains the process and methods for public involvement in the preparation and revision of the Local Development Framework (LDF) documents and in the determination of planning applications.

Minimum requirements for public involvement in the planning process are already set out in various Planning Acts, Regulations and Orders, however the SCI sets out any additional methods and processes that we will use.

Latest News on the Statement of Community Involvement

We adopted the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) on 26 January 2010.

The adopted SCI takes account of any representations received during the six-week period of public consultation undertaken in October - December 2009. To see a summary of each representation received and our response to each representation, visit: Planning and New Communities Portfolio Holders Meeting - 26 January 2010

In 2018, specific requirements relating to SCIs were brought into force by the Neighbourhood Planning Act (2017). It is proposed that the SCI is fully reviewed later in 2018, however in the interim to meet the requirement that the SCI includes specific information around the support that is available for Neighbourhood Plan preparation, SCDC has prepared an Addendum to the SCI.

Adoption Documents

If you would like a further explanation of this SCI, or any other matter relating to the Local Development Framework, please either e-mail the Planning Policy section on, or phone (01954) 713183.

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