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Disability History Month

The UK Disability History Month logo - a yellow circle inside a black triangle

In honour of Disability History Month, each week we will be sharing new resources from disabled writers, artists and creators.

In the second week of Disability History Month, we're looking at the impact that disabled people are having in both the arts and science spaces. These two articles were published in late November this year:

Bionic pop artist shares stage with Katy Perry - BBC

Paralympian joins astronaut programme - BBC

The Equality Act 2010, a landmark piece of legislation, says the law is that people must make 'reasonable adjustments' for disabled people. This includes things like making sure there are ramps to get onto buses for wheelchair users, or that there are disabled toilets in a shopping centre. However, the two articles above show that sometimes, when disabled people stop asking to be included and start doing things in their own way, they can set off a whole new way of thinking.

Disability representation is coming along in the UK, but we are only 12 years away from the Equality Act making sure basic disability rights are enshrined in law. The messages from artist Viktoria Modesta and trainee astronaut John McFall is that there are many different ways to be a person and try exciting new experiences, and that destroying human-made barriers is possible.

In the first week, we highlighted Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. She is a disabled YouTuber with a wealth of resources for those who are disabled, interested in disability rights, or intrigued by the day-to-day life of a disabled person like her. We hope you will find these videos useful!

Black History Month

Please see our dedicated Black History Month website page for details of Black History Month 2022.

BESEA month

September 2022 is the second ever British East and South East Asian month in the UK. Events aim to share knowledge, forge connections, and create joy.

There was a writing held in Cambridge Central Library on Saturday 10 September.

Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month 2022

Gypsy Roma and Traveller History Month 2022, What makes a home?

The charity Friends, Families and Travellers have produced an incredible information pack for 2022, answering the question 'What makes a home?'. Filled with the real-life stories of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people, you can find out more about their lives – why some choose to live in bricks and mortar, what happens when travellers move in, and the rich culture behind them.

Friends, Families and Travellers have also provided posters, a schools competition, selfie cards and more.


Pride - June 2022

LGTBQ flag flying high at SCDC Headquarters

Pride is a global event celebrated every June by LGBTQ+ people and allies. It marks how far LGBTQ+ rights have come and how far they have left to go.

Pride is generally marked with parades, educational events, and the wearing of pride flag colours.

Disability History Month - November to December 2021

Disability History Month 2021 graphic

Our Disability History Month webinars were facilitated by the Papworth Trust. Please see our Disability History Month playlist on YouTube for all sessions, including what it means to be a Disability Confident employer, etiquette when interacting with disabled people, the history of the Papworth Trust and information about what support is available around the district for disabled people.

Disability Confident Scheme slides 2 December 2021 [PDF]

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