Student Discounts and Exemptions

If all residents in a property are classed as students - then the property may be exempt from Council Tax.

If a property has students and one non-student adult living there, students will not be counted for Council Tax purposes and the adult can claim a 25% discount on their bill.

However, if there are two or more non-student adults living in the property regardless of how many students also live there, a discount cannot be given.

Even if a discount is not applicable, a student’s status may still be relevant to the Council Tax bill in regards to liability, as they cannot be held jointly and severally liable for a charge except with other Students, Student Nurses, Apprentices and Youth Training Trainees and/or people who meet the Council Tax Discount Disregard category of being severely mentally impaired.

Exemptions and definitions

Class N Exemption - This can be applied to an account meaning that it will be exempt from Council Tax - where everyone in the relevant property meets the criteria of being either:

A) Full Time Student – on a course which usually involves studying on average 21 hours a week, 24 weeks of the year at a prescribed educational establishment. A resident will not qualify if periods of work experience are greater than the total sum of expected studying time.
B) Foreign Language Assistant.
C) Non-British Spouse of a student - a person who is not a British citizen and who is prevented, by the terms of their leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom, from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.
D) School/College leaver – a resident who is under 20 years of age and has ceased being a student on or after 1st May of that year. They can be exempt through until 1st November of that year, where it would then be clear if they are continuing to study or not.

This also covers properties which are vacant if the property is, or has been, used as a term time address and as long as the relevant students have a right to occupy (tenancy/licence etc.)

Payments need to be made as instructed on the most recently issued bill until the application has been assessed and verified. A new bill will then be issued with future instalments reduced or a refund raised for any overall credit remaining, as long as there are no other debts outstanding with us.

How to apply for the discount

Please download the Student Exemption form. This will need to be completed by the person applying for the discount and returned with a valid student certificate for each student claiming the discount.

You can scan the completed form along with the certificate and email it to us at or return it by post to the council offices.

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