Reductions & Discounts

There are a number of Council Tax reductions and discounts available and each application is assessed on its own merits. If you think you or someone you know might qualify for one of these, please contact us (on 0345 045 0064) for more information and an application.

You will need to continue to pay your council tax as per your instalments until a discount or exemption is granted.

Common Reductions to Apply For

1.Single Person Discount

If you are the only adult living in a property that is classified as your main home then you may qualify for a 25% discount - click here for more information.

2. Structural Alterations

When a property is unoccupied, unfurnished and undergoing major structural alterations, you may be eligible for a 100% discount for up to 12 months - click here for more information.

3. Work Related Properties

If you are required to live in a different property because it is a condition of your job, you may get a 50% discount. This includes members of HM Services and members of the Clergy. We will take various factors into account in order to determine main residence in each individual case.

If you think that this applies to you, please click here to download the form and return it to us once completed.

4. Unoccupied properties where the liable person has died

When the liable person of a property dies leaving that property unoccupied, the property can be exempt from Council Tax up until 6 months after probate has been granted or letters of administration have been made. Once the 6-month limit has expired, the full charge will be due.

  • Where the responsibility for the property passes to another party prior to probate being granted, that party will become liable for the Council Tax charge. This might be if the property is sold, or someone else comes to live in the property.
  • In the situation where the property was owned jointly, the liability will pass to the surviving owner and a full charge will be due from the date of death.

Please click here to notify us that someone has passed away.

5. Properties owned by charities

Where a property is unoccupied, owned by a charity and used for a charitable purpose – it can be exempt from Council Tax for up to 6 months from the date the property was last occupied.

Please follow the links below for information about other categories of reductions

The full council tax bill assumes that there are two adults (aged 18 or over) with their main residence in the property. It is possible to have your council tax bill reduced for a number of reasons:

  • Council Tax Support is a reduction in relation to the circumstances of the occupants. If you are on a low income, even if you are working, you might be eligible for this benefit - you can apply for this online here
  • Occupants can be disregarded if they qualify, and if they bring the total number of adults not disregarded to below 2, the bill might be reduced by 25% or 50%.
  • Properties themselves can be given exemptions from council tax, which cover 100% of the charge.
  • There are also discounts available, which include Single Person Discount (25%), discount if a property is undergoing structural alteration/major repairs (100%), annexe discount (50%) and a discount if a property is occupied in relation to employment (50%).

Discounts which are no longer available

From the 1 April 2013, Council Tax legislation has been changed by Central Government, with local Councils setting the level of discount given on certain types of property.

Second Homes - Following consultation with local residents and property owners, the 10% discount given in respect of furnished second homes ended.

This means that full Council Tax will now be payable on this type of property.

Properties which are empty and unfurnished - Following consultation with local residents and property owners, the exemption for homes which have been empty and unfurnished for less than six months ended.

This means that full Council Tax will now be payable on this type of property.

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