Automated payment systems will be offline on Sunday

Please be aware our automated payment systems will be offline on Sunday 23rd September. We have been informed it will be between 08:00-15:00 and payments via Telephone/Web will be effected.

Bin collections from flats

Currently our bin calendar search does not display collection dates for shared bins within flats. If you need to check when your shared bins are emptied please contact or call 03450 450063.

Your nearest household recycling points

Find your nearest household waste recycling point and Recycling Centres and what you can recycle there by clicking on the links below.

Recycling banks map

View South Cambridgeshire Recycling Banks in a larger map

What are the opening times at Milton and Thriplow Recycling Centres?

To find out the opening times and what can be taken to a recycling centre please visit the County Council's website.

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