Information about Supplementary Planning Documents and a list of those which have been adopted.

On 28 March 2014, the Local Plan and its supporting documents were submitted for independent examination to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government via the Planning Inspectorate. Prior to this, the Council had undertaken several rounds of public consultation:

Issues & Options Consultation

Three rounds of public consultation on issues and options were undertaken:

You can access the current emergency status of a range of topics, through the following websites:

Putting service first

If you 'phone us we will:

  • resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible
  • provide Voicemail if the person you need is unavailable
  • answer your 'phone message within three working days

Potential hazards

  • incendiary devices
  • explosive devices
  • chemical or biological contamination
  • sharp blades / needles

Look for the following

  • the postmark - is it foreign?
  • do you normally get letters or parcels from this country?
  • is the name and address of the sender missing?
  • the writing: is it 'unusual' in style.