South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge City Council and Huntingdonshire District Council now work in partnership to provide building control services jointly, under the name of 3C Shared Services.

If you would like to contact the 3C Shared Service Building Control department, you can email on

The Building Control service provides an effective and professional service that is excellent value for money.

Land Charges Update 4 July 2016

In line with changes to Land Searches legislation we will be accepting searches which include additional Con29 questions from 4th July 2016.

We have also amended our fees to include the new CON29 questions which can be found at you will note that in line with HMRC advice VAT has NOT been added to the fees.

You can now add your bin collection dates to your calendar by clicking on “add to my calendar” above the bin dates for your house.

To do this you have to use our find your bin collection day page enter your postcode and click on your address. Alternatively if you do not know your postcode then please enter your house number, street and village name. 

Effective business continuity planning is critical to ensuring that the essential functions of your business can carry on despite an emergency.

Many businesses will already have plans to deal with sudden commercial risk. These may include events such as the failure of critical suppliers, an unexpected bad debt, industrial action or the discovery of a serious fault in a product or process.

Planning for the aftermath of major incident whether this be fire, flooding or even a terrorist incident is very similar.

Cambourne West

On 11th January 2017 the proposals for Cambourne West will be considered by South Cambridgeshire District Council's planning committee, a copy of the committee report can be viewed at