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Apply for a Mutual Exchange

Apply for a Mutual Exchange

Mutual exchange offers council tenants the ability to swap their home with another council or housing association tenant.

You can find a mutual exchange partner by registering on HomeSwapper. This is free for our tenants and allows you to advertise your own property and find a mutual exchange partner.

You may also use other ways, such as:

  • advertising in local shops
  • adverts in newspapers
  • social media
  • using other mutual exchange websites (please note that some of these may require a fee to use).

How to apply for your exchange

Once you have found someone to swap with there are 2 ways you can register for your mutual exchange: 

  • if you are already registered on HomeSwapper, once you have found your swap, select “Apply” on your dashboard and complete the form 

    Apply through HomeSwapper

  • if you have not registered with HomeSwapper but you have found your swap another way, please complete our online form below.

Register for a mutual exchange


Next steps

You will receive an email invitation from SwapTracker to complete your application online. It will allow you to:

  • track your application progress
  • upload documents
  • receive letters and communication from the Housing Department.

Once you have completed the application process, you should expect a decision from us within 42 days.

A mutual exchange is only complete once all the mutual exchange paperwork has been completed in full, including either a deed of assignment or the signing of a new tenancy agreement. Once we have received all the relevant paperwork we will ask for you and the exchanging tenant to come into the office and sign either the deed of assignment or a new tenancy agreement. Only once this has been completed can the exchange of properties take place. 

Without a completed deed of assignment or a new tenancy agreement in place, a mutual exchange is not valid.

There are no limits to the amount of times a tenant can apply or complete a mutual exchange.

Check if you are eligible

You may be eligible if: 

  • all parties wishing to exchange must have no rent arrears (there may be discretionary exceptions, for example, for downsizing)
  • you have a secure, flexible or assured tenancy
  • the home you apply to move to is suitable for your needs (for example, not too big, or too small)
  • if the home is adapted, whether the incoming tenant is in need of these adaptations
  • if the home is in a sheltered scheme, whether the incoming tenant needs this type of accommodation
  • the home is not currently subject to a notice of seeking possession
  • there are no anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues

An application can only be rejected on grounds outlined within Schedule 3 of the Housing Act (1985) and within Schedule 14 of the Localism Act (2011).

By completing a mutual exchange, your tenancy may change from the type you are currently on. Make sure that you know how this would affect your rights (such as the right to buy or the right to succession).

Please read our Mutual Exchange policy [PDF, 0.4MB] [PDF, 0.4MB] for more information.

Things to consider when looking to exchange

  • if you have pets, will the landlord of the home you are looking to exchange to accept animals?
  • is the home the right size for you?
  • will you inherit any repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant?
  • what repairs has your proposed new landlord agreed to carry out? What will be the responsibility of the outgoing tenants to repair or replace? 
  • does the heating type suit your needs?
  • does it need decorating? If so, you will need to consider this when budgeting.
  • what are the local amenities like?
  • if you have children, what are the schools like? Are there places available?
  • will exchanging affect your tenancy type?
  • how much is the Council Tax?
  • will your existing furniture and white goods fit into the new home? Will they actually be able to get through the door or up the stairs?
  • might you need to purchase any new items to replace anything you have?
  • will it cost any more money to travel to work or to see family and friends?

If you have any queries, please contact

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