Join the Housing Engagement Board

Have you thought about being a tenant representative?

We are setting up a new Housing Engagement Board made up of 10 people.

  • Six elected tenant representatives (one will be a leaseholder)
  • Three District Councillors
  • Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Housing Engagement board

Join the Housing Engagement Board as a tenant representative

Apply to become a candidate in next year’s tenant and leaseholder representative elections. We need tenants like you who can help us focus on tenants’ priorities, to make sure that your rent and service charges are being well spent, council homes are maintained, your neighbourhood is a safe and nice place to live.

You will be asking questions like:



How well is the council delivering it's housing services?

Are contractors like Mears offering value for money?

How is our rent money being spent?

What type of complaints and issues are tenants raising?


A tenant representative’s role is very important. They are the voice of tenants living in South Cambridgeshire council homes. Their role is to work with the head of housing and councillors to prioritise budgets, work, resources, and policies to deliver a service that focuses on tenants needs.

You don’t need any prior experience or formal education. You will need to fill out an application form.

We will also provide support and free training for all representatives. As a representative, you will also receive an annual allowance of £400 for your time and to cover expenses.

What are the requirements?

You can apply to become a member of the Housing Engagement Board if:

  • You are a council tenant or leaseholder
  • You agree to represent the interests of all tenants
  • Your rent and any service charges are paid up to date
  • You agree to follow the Code of Conduct

Find out more by reading our Tenant Representative role description

How much work is involved in being a member?

  • You will need to be able to attend a quarterly Housing Engagement Board meeting (four a year). The meetings will last 3-4 hours each. These meetings will be initially done using online video conferencing due to Covid. 
  • You will need to spend time preparing for the meetings by reading committee reports, financial and statistical information, and relevant paperwork. (the preparation often requires several hours work)
  • Representatives will also be required to attend quarterly Local Area Meetings so they have the opportunity to engage directly with the tenants they represent.  
  • All representatives will need to attend relevant training provided for free by the Council
  • Representatives will serve a four year term, until the next elections.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply to be a candidate for tenant representative, please fill out the application form and send it to

You have until 1 February 2021 to submit your completed application.  Applicants will be invited to attend a workshop in February 2021 before they make a final decision to be put on a ballot.

All candidates picture, name, and brief description on why they should be elected will be added to a printed ballot pack and sent to all tenant and leaseholder households.

Application form

Role description 

Code of Conduct 

If you would like more information and chat before you fill in the application, please call Pam Cowles on  01223616887 or email her at

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