The Housing Engagement Board

The Housing Engagement Board Elections

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We are setting up a new Housing Engagement Board made up of 10 people.

  • Six elected tenant representatives (one will be a leaseholder)
  • Three District Councillors
  • Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Housing Engagement board

Tenant representatives

A tenant representative’s role is very important. They are the voice of tenants living in South Cambridgeshire council homes. Their role is to work with the head of housing and councillors to prioritise budgets, work, resources, and policies to deliver a service that focuses on tenants needs.

There are two representatives elected for each housing area (North, East and West)

What do representatives do? 

 Representatives volunteer their time to work with the council to improve your housing services.

  • They attend a quarterly Housing Engagement Board meeting (four a year). 
  • They spend time preparing for the meetings by reading committee reports, financial and statistical information, and relevant paperwork. 
  • They attend training and conferences to make them more effective when representing you. 
  • They discuss issues, ask questions, help make changes and plan for the future. 
  • Representatives will also host Local Area Meetings where you get updates, ask for your views and answer your questions. 
  • Representatives will serve a four year term, until the next elections.


Elections are being managed by an independent company who specialise in board elections. Elections will be held in March 2021. There are two elections for households in the North and East. (The West had only two qualified candidates so they are automatically appointed to the board). Each voting household will receive a voting pack which includes information for each candidate and a ballot. You will vote for two representatives. 

Voting ends on the 29th March 2021 at 5pm. 

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