Estate inspections

Estate inspections

Estate inspections help to keep your neighbourhood safe and tidy. Your housing and estate officers do informal estate inspections throughout the year. They look to see if there are any issues, report them and arrange for work to be carried out. 

Housing and estate officers, together with trained volunteers, also carry out formal estate inspections. They look at a range of issues, including: landscaping, pathways, communal areas in buildings, fly-tipping and signs of infestations. These are carried out from April to October.

We are looking for tenant volunteers to join us on our estate inspections. If you have some free time and are interested in joining us, please email

The schedule of when your estate is to be inspected in 2023 will be updated shortly.

Grounds Maintenance

Throughout the year we carry out two kinds of works: cyclical and reactive. Cyclical maintenance is planned and performed regularly, whilst reactive maintenance is carried out if needed and when it is reported.  

Find out more about our grounds maintenance and report any issues.