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Homes for Ukraine Landlord Incentive Scheme

The competitive private rental market in South Cambridgeshire makes it extremely hard for Ukrainian refugees to rent a property when moving on from their host families. We’re aware there are local landlords who wish to help and we hope our new Landlord Incentive Scheme will encourage them to offer their properties in South Cambridgeshire to our Ukrainian guests and help them move to independence.  

The scheme offers a financial incentive to landlords willing to let their properties in South Cambridgeshire to Homes for Ukraine refugees for an initial minimum 6-month tenancy. The amount offered will vary according to whether the rent is set at the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate or at market rate and how many bedrooms their property has, as found in the table below: 

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Number of bedrooms 

Market rent incentive 

LHA rate incentive 

1 Bedroom 



2 Bedroom 



3 Bedroom 



4 Bedroom 



After the initial term expires, landlords can receive a further payment if they offer a renewal of the tenancy and these additional payments will again vary, depending on the length of tenancy offered.
Please note, the property will need to be within South Cambridgeshire to qualify for this scheme.

If you are a landlord who is interested joining this scheme, please contact us via  or by phoning 01954 713411 and we will be happy to discuss the details with you. Or, you can complete our online form: Homes for Ukraine Landlord Incentive Scheme.