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Homes for Ukraine Landlord Incentive Scheme

The Homes for Ukraine Landlord Incentive scheme offers extra money for a landlord who offers a tenancy to refugees from Ukraine. Only properties within South Cambridgeshire are eligible for this scheme. 

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate tenancy incentives 

If a landlord offers a 6 month tenancy to refugees from Ukraine at the local housing allowance (LHA) rate, they will get the following:

  • 6 months rent in advance
  • a top up payment (to bring the rent received to market levels)
  • a one off thank you payment
  • tenant paying their rent directly to us

The local housing allowance (LHA) rates differ for shared accommodation, and 1 to 4 bed properties. The table below sets out the incentives for LHA tenancies: 

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Number of bedrooms  

6 months’ LHA rent   

Top up payment provided by us to landlords to compensate for offering at LHA rate (based on average rent for area)   

One-off thank you payment  

1 bedroom  




2 bedroom  




3 bedroom  




4 bedroom  





LHA rates for Cambridgeshire

LHA rates are used to calculate the maximum amount people can get in specific benefits (Universal Credit Housing Element and Housing Benefit) when renting from private landlords.

The 2024 LHA rates for Cambridgeshire can be found below: 

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Shared room rate  

£121.13 week / £526.34 month  

1 bedroom rate  

£207.12 week / £900 month  

2 bedroom rate  

£218.63 week / £950 month  

3 bedroom rate  

£258.90 week / £1,125 month  

4 bedroom rate  

£333.70 week / £1,450 month  

Market rate tenancy incentive

If a landlord wishes to let their property out at the market rate, then they would receive: 

  • 1 months rent in advance, and; 
  • a one off thank you payment of £1000 

Join the scheme

To join the scheme email or call 01954 713411.