Support for Ukraine

The Flag of Ukraine flying outside South Cambridgeshire Hall, Cambourne.

The Government has created a Welcome pack for Ukrainians arriving in the UK, which is also available in Ukrainian or Russian (click a button in the top right hand corner of the page to see the information in your chosen language; you will then see the welcome packs in your chosen language, too).

Support in Ukrainian


Cambridge4Ukraine - волонтерська ініціатива, заснована українською спільнотою в Кембриджі.

Cambridge4Ukraine is a volunteer initiative set up by Ukrainians in Cambridge, which is helping to match sponsors with those fleeing Ukraine as well as providing support to arrivals from Ukraine.

Council translation and interpreting

На цій сторінці ви знайдете корисну інформацію, але якщо вам потрібна будь-яка підтримка, пишіть на мейл або телефонуйте 01954 713 070.

Щоб перекласти іншу інформацію на цій сторінці українською мовою, ви можете використати сайт Google Translate:

  • У вашому браузері, зайдіть на сайт Google Translate
  • Вгорі сторінки, натисніть на ‘Websites’.
  • Ми рекомендуємо залишити мову оригіналу, натиснувши на опцію 'Detect language'.
  • У полі 'Website', введіть адресу сайту (URL)
  • Натисніть ‘Go’.

There is information on this page which should be useful, but if you need any support, you can email or call 01954 713 070.

Support throughout the visa process and beyond

Homes for Ukraine is a charity with a team of experienced volunteers dedicated to helping displaced Ukrainian nationals obtain visas, find safe accommodation, and comfortably settle in the United Kingdom. 

The team matches Ukrainian nationals with their British sponsors, completing the protracted visa application process (including the particularly confusing Animal and Plant Health Agency license applications for pets), arranging temporary accommodation in Poland where required and then onward travel to the UK — all at the charity’s own cost.

Once Ukrainian nationals have arrived, it provides UK sim cards, assists with setting-up UK bank accounts and local GP registration, arranges English language tutoring, completes National Insurance applications and helps with kindergarten/school places, and much more.

British sponsors can find out more on the Homes for Ukraine website or by calling 07970 030437.

To translate the rest of the information on this page into Ukrainian, you should be able to use Google Translate: 

  • In your browser, go to Google Translate
  • At the top, click Websites
  • We recommend setting the original language to 'Detect language'
  • In the 'Website', enter a URL
  • Click Go

Cost of living crisis

Across the country, people are struggling with the cost of living. Food bills and household bills continue to rise, alongside fuel prices, at the fastest rate seen in 50 years.

To help people manage their household budget, we've put together some helpful resources on our Cost of Living Support page.