A428 Development Cluster - Bourn Airfield

A428 Development Cluster - Bourn Airfield

We have been organising community forums for several years. These meetings are to discuss and circulate information regarding the continued development of specific major growth sites. These forums are open to the public and have no voting rights, powers or funding. They are chaired by local, or relevant, Councillors and assisted by senior officers.

Any materials used within the forum, such as presentations, are posted on the webpage for each forum. The forums are also recorded and posted in sections on the webpage.

This forum is held back-to-back with A428 Development Cluster - Cambourne on the same evening so that you can attend one or both forums. Forums will be held between 6pm and 8pm, agendas with estimated timings will be provided around a week prior to each forum so that you can decide when to attend.

Outline planning permission has been sought for Bourn Airfield - a new village of approximately 3500 homes and other mixed uses including employment, shops, services and leisure opportunities, a hotel, schools and other community facilities. The 210 hectare site Is located to the south of the A428, about 11km west of Cambridge City between Cambourne and Caldecote, it comprises a former World War 2 airfield, adjoining agricultural land and a partially occupied employment site.

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Next meeting date: 6 July 2022

Time: 7pm onwards
Format: Held online via Zoom 
Agenda: To be confirmed

Future meetings

  • 2 November 2022


  • To provide residents and stakeholders with regular updates regarding major strategic development sites
  • To provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to share their interests / concerns with relevant council officers, including those from the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service (‘Planning’) and Sustainable Communities and Wellbeing (‘Communities’) teams, Elected Members, developers and other key stakeholders such as Cambridgeshire County Council and Greater Cambridge Partnership.
  • A range of methods will be used to deliver the forum. The most appropriate format will be chosen for the meeting in consultation with attendees and in accordance with the circumstances and government guidance available at the time, that is to say in person forums (which will include drop-ins), virtual meetings or a hybrid of these. For virtual meetings Zoom Webinar will be used.
  • The forum will follow a Shared Planning Meeting concerning planning issues relevant to the surrounding area of the development concerned, for example transport and education provision.

Scope and purpose

  • The development covered is Bourn Airfield and other minor strategic sites as decided by the Chair in consultation with Officers, Parish Councils, the Community Advisor/s and attendees.
  • To provide regular, accurate and timely information to residents regarding the above developments.
  • To offer an opportunity for residents to raise issues of interest or concern for existing and new communities with a view to enhancing the quality of community life and the environment in the Bourn Airfield areas.
  • For council officers to share issues raised by residents with relevant parties and report back responses and / or that appropriate action has been taken.
  • To provide information and signposting on planning and growth matters.
  • To provide an opportunity for developer/s, residents, community groups, elected members and council officers to engage with each other.
  • From time to time, to provide opportunities for residents to be consulted and involved in the planning, co-design and management of associated facilities and services.
  • The forum does not have decision-making powers and cannot be held
    accountable for growth and related issues.
  • Minor developments may be covered by this forum from time to time, but the developments listed above will take priority.

Structure, management and format

  • The forum will be chaired by Cllr Tumi Hawkins, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s (SCDC) Lead Cabinet Member for Planning and Vice Chair Cllr Bill Handley, SCDC Lead Cabinet Member for Community Resilience, Health and Wellbeing as needed.
  • There will be a maximum of 3 ‘open to all’ formal meetings a year, where appropriate, and other forms of engagement where necessary.
  • Venues, where appropriate, will be spread around the different catchment area/s for the new development(s) to ensure all residents have an opportunity to attend.
  • Stakeholders and people attending a forum will be asked for input into agenda items for future meetings at the previous meeting and via the forum webpage and distribution list.
  • SCDC Planning and Communities officers in consultation with the Chair and the Community Advisor/s will agree the final agenda based on the progress of each specific development and the views expressed by stakeholders and people attending the forum.
  • Meeting dates will be set, wherever possible, on a rolling basis a year in advance.

Communication and publicity

  • A range of measures will be used to communicate to residents about the forums, including local advertising via flyers, a dedicated web page, existing parish publications, email via the distribution list and social media.
  • Where possible and practicable, officers will upload content to SCDC’s website within 10 days of a meeting being held.
  • A rolling agenda will be posted online so residents are aware of proposed future topics for discussion.
  • Questions will be posted online so that attendees can see the issues that have been raised and addressed at past meetings.
  • Presentations, notes and recordings of the meetings will be published online.
  • A distribution list will be developed and maintained based on registered forum attendees and any others wishing to be kept informed. A registration form will be available on the relevant forum’s web page/s.
  • Surveys and feedback mechanisms will be employed from time to time to ensure forums are meeting residents’ needs and to facilitate continuous improvement. The Forum will be reviewed after the first three meetings.
  • Agendas will be published no later than 7 days prior to the meeting.  

Valuing diversity

All delegates attending Forum events must undertake to:

  • Treat all people with respect and act in a way which does not discriminate against or exclude anyone
  • Act in a fair and responsible way to all

Collective responsibility 

All people coming to Forum events agree by their presence that they will:

  • Observe the authority of the Chair or facilitator at all times
  • Listen quietly to and respect the views and experiences of other people contributing
  • Agree to and follow the standard of behaviour expected at each event, according to what is happening at that event. (e.g. no interrupting or shouting)
  • Allow others to have equal opportunity and time to share their opinions
  • Not use inflammatory language or behaviour of any kind

If the above values are not met during a meeting or event, the Chair, facilitator or nominated officer may take one or more of the following steps with the objective of restoring order.

Any person making offensive, insulting, threatening, provocative, slanderous or obscene remarks, or who becomes boisterous, or who threatens or harasses any person or property while at a Forum event, will cause the event to be suspended for the shortest period needed to allow order to be restored.

Any person or people causing an event to be interrupted by reason of behaviours identified above, who does so more than once, can be asked to leave the event by the Chair or staff at the event. This can be for a specific length of time to allow the person or people to cool off or for the rest of the meeting or event, depending on the judgement of the Chair or staff present.

Where the Chair believes that:

  • The event has become unmanageable, unnecessarily interrupted, harassed or hindered more than once by the same person or people,
  • There has been behaviour which threatens the safety of him or herself or others present, the Chair may opt to suspend the meeting or event until order is restored or to end the meeting, or event, if they feel that it is appropriate
  • Any person or persons causing through their behaviour, any other individual or individuals present at a Forum event to fear for their personal safety may be subject to immediate removal from the event and/or the event premises


Previous meetings

Where: Virtual Meeting - Zoom

Note: For increased accessibility, YouTube has a "captions" feature that can be enabled when the embedded videos are watched on their platform.

Cllr Bill Handley - Introduction

Stephen Kelly - Planning check in 

Kate Poyser - Introduction to Bourn Airfield

First Q&A session

Clare Gibbons - Introduction to community governance reviews and new development

Second Q&A session

Meeting close

Unanswered Questions:

The land at the top of Highfields Caldecote has no legal precedent. Why has it been included on the map?

It is assumed this refers to the field next to Highfields Road and near the roundabout with St Neots Road. This area is part of the Strategic Site as shown in the South Cambridgeshire Adopted Local Plan(2018)  and Bourn Airfield New Village Supplementary Planning Document (2019). In the planning application, it is proposed to be used as open space with paths, ponds, informal recreation, allotments and community orchard.

Is the work on the Broadway that’s being done at the moment by Power Networks related to Bourn Airfield?

Power Networks are creating a connection from Bourn sub-station to Bourn Quarter – the new commercial development on the former Gestamp manufacturing site at Bourn Airfield. This work is part of Phase 1 which is due for completion in April 2022. See the developers website for more information about Bourn Quarter as well as the planning portal - Use reference 20/02568/FUL

We have traffic counts wires across the roads - in the village (Hardwick) at the moment. Is this part of the before and after monitoring process? Are these counts being done by Highways?

These counts are not being done by Highways. Countryside advise that as part of the process for implementing the S278 Works (the approvals process for Highways Works) Countryside have through, their sub-consultants, installed Automatic Traffic Count’s to record vehicle speeds and volumes. These are used for the purpose of supporting the highway design.

Additional information:

Community Governance Reviews and New Communities: We need to take into account a range of eventualities when planning for new communities, including the emergence, in a later stage of the development, of a new community governance arrangement, such as town or parish council, if that should be the eventual outcome of a Community Governance Review at that later stage. Unless altered by a Community Governance Review, the existing parish boundaries remain in place and the existing parish councils are elected by all of the electors in that area, to serve the interests of all residents in their area. You can read more about Community Governance Reviews on our website.

S106 Agreements and Parish Councils: Although Parish Councils are frequently invited to share their views on proposed development, including any likely impact on pre-existing communities, unless the mitigations identified would require the parish council concerned to have direct responsibility for those measures referred to in the s106 agreement (such as taking on land management responsibilities, or receiving significant funding) they would not be a signatory to that agreement. 

Related information

See the developer’s website for more information on their vision for Bourn Airfield.

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