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Community Lifeline Service

We provide an around the clock helpline alarm call service for all sheltered residents that have opted to have a Lifeline fitted in their home. This service was also offered out to all residents in South Cambridgeshire, of any tenure such as private rented or home ownership.

The Council has taken the difficult decision to end the dispersed Community Lifeline service for residents who are not part of our sheltered housing.

The lifeline service for sheltered housing tenants of South Cambridgeshire District Council will continue and is not affected.

We have made this decision because:

  • The change to digital phone lines and the analogue units we use are not fully compatible, this means the old units need to be replaced.
  • There has been a reduction in the number of people using the service as there are cheaper options and other technology.

This means we are no longer taking referrals for the lifeline service, and existing customers have been contacted to explain that the service will end on 30 June 2024.  We want to make sure customers have another service in place by this time.

Existing customers

You can end your arrangement with the South Cambridgeshire Lifeline service at any time up to the end of June. Please do contact us as soon as you have found another lifeline service, so that we can bring your Lifeline alarm service with us to an end and arrange the return of the equipment.

We want to make sure that all our customers have an arrangement in place as soon as possible and before the end of June, so we may follow up with a telephone call or visit.

Alternative providers

Please find below some useful information on alternative providers of personal alarm services for the elderly.  Please do contact the services directly, who may be able to provide you with more information about the services they provide. 

Please note, the information listed below is for information and South Cambridgeshire District Council are not recommending any particular services over another.

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Contact details

Installation method

Linked to Enhanced Response Service?

Additional information

Age UK (Taking Care)

0800 085 7371

Age UK Website

Can be installed in person or posted out – charges apply.


Set up costs approximately £20 to 69.

Ongoing charges between £19.99 and 28.99 per month


01625 466681

Astraline website

In person installation may be available.


Set up costs approximately £50.

Ongoing charges from £22.99 per month


01323 644422

Careium website



Set up costs approximately £49.99.

Ongoing charges from £17 per month


0800 101 3333

Careline website



Set up costs approximately £45.

Ongoing charges from £19.99 per month

Please use code SCDC35 for a £35 discount on any of Careline 365 alarm plans.

Careline Community Service

01553 616200

Careline community service website

In person, or posted


Set up costs £45 for in person installation or £25 if posted.

Ongoing charges £4.50 per week (£5.00 with a falls detector).

Please see the areas where Lifeline customers are covered within South Cambs. [PDF, 0.5MB]


0800 999 0400




Set up costs approximately £35.

Ongoing charges from £18.99 per month


0330 1233 365


In person installation


Ongoing charges from £4.50 per week.


0800 180 8540




Set up costs around £45. Ongoing charges from £19 per month.

Telecare Choice

0800 635 7000




Set up costs around £39.  Ongoing charges from £27 per month.


Additional sensors/ smoke alarms:

Please note that if you have additional sensors attached to your Lifeline unit, you may need to arrange alternative sensors that are compatible with a new unit. Examples of this may include fall detectors, bed/chair sensors or smoke alarms. Please contact the provider of these sensors (either TEC services on 01480 378160 or the fire service on 01480 444 500) with further queries.

Enhanced Response Service (ERS):

Please be aware that our Lifeline service is signed up to the Enhanced Response Service, however, not all alternative providers are. We have indicated whether they are on the attached details for your information.

The enhanced response service respond to people who need non-emergency assistance. This service can:

  • provide assistance to get a person up from the floor following a fall.
  • provide personal care that is needed in an urgent circumstance.
  • provide reassurance following an incident at home.

ERS can act as an alternative responder when the usual key holders are not available.


Our team are also here to help – please do get in touch with them if you need any help with an alternative service. Please contact us at or 01954 713000.

Additional Support

We can refer you to:

  • Mobile Warden Schemes which support older people to live independently in their homes and in the community they know, and which knows them.
  • Visiting Support Service which provides short-term support service providing confidential, emotional, financial and practical support and promoting independent living in the community.

Contact Details