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Older Person Getting Support

Visiting support service

Visiting Support Officers provide a support service that will help residents remain independent in their own home for as long as possible.

We offer a short-term visiting support service to residents 65 or older. After we get the referral, we carry out a needs and risk assessment that tells us how we can support you. 

You can access the visiting support service with a referral. This can either be a self-referral, or a referral from other council officers, GPs, family members, community navigators, health, social care or the voluntary sector.

Apply for a visiting support referral

The visiting support service is free. To see if you are eligible, people who apply must complete a needs and risk assessment.

This service can provide support on your financial, physical, heath and social needs.

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Financial needs we can support with: 

  • debt 
  • budgeting  
  • checking what benefits you can get 
  • application forms 
  • managing your tenancy
  • setting up payment plans 
  • help with bills 

Physical and mental health needs we can support you to find help with: 

  • personal care 
  • help with cooking, shopping, laundry and gardening 
  • anxiety and depression 
  • memory problems 
  • medication help 
  • access to doctors and medical care 
  • loneliness or being isolated 

We can help you with your social needs by: 

  • finding a local day center or groups you can join  
  • finding a local chair-based exercise group 
  • helping you to take part in swimming, walking, or other leisure activities 
  • signposting you to community activities, or put you in touch with local volunteering services. We can connect you to professionals who can help with individual problems in confidence. Examples of this might be: 

    • occupational therapists to help plan changes to your home  
    • Mobile Wardens to help you live independently and safely in your own home, and who have a connection to your community

We can also offer support and advise on your personal safety and your home safety

We aim to support you professionally without making any judgements about you and your situation.  

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