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News release from: 08/12/2023

Children’s drawings sent to the frontline as a morale boost for Ukrainian soldiers

Children’s drawings sent to Ukrainian soldiers thanks to a Council community grant

Colourful children’s drawings have been sent to soldiers fighting on Ukraine’s frontline in a morale-boosting delivery including medical aid and food.

The young people’s artwork was created in a colouring competition hosted by the Ukrainian Heritage, Art and Music (HAM) centre in Cambridge.

The activity was made possible with a grant from South Cambridgeshire District Council using Government funding to create an extra pot within the Community Chest grants to help Ukraine people integrate into the community.

Two girls in Ukraine colours with a giant heartThe colouring competition called "Ukraine is in my Heart" was a huge success attracting drawings from 57 children aged five to 10, all living temporarily in Cambridgeshire during the conflict.

Alla Madich, of the Ukrainian HAM Centre, said: “The children did a great job, and it was a very successful community event. I’m sure their artwork will bring a much-needed smile to the faces of those who receive them. The humanitarian aid has been kindly donated by British companies and was collected by Irina Levko, who also paid for the transport costs. We are proud to have created a network of support that really works and are grateful to South Cambridgeshire District Council to be part of that.”

For the competition, the young people were divided into two age groups and the 10 best drawings in each group (total 20 children) were awarded with prizes of soft toys.

The toys were donated from children in Histon, who wanted to help after learning about the war and refugees living locally, on hearing about a Ukrainian children‘s choir, set up as a positive focal point by Alla’s sister Iryna Madich.

hands with a heart UkraineColouring competition winners were announced at the Ukrainian HAM Centre Charity music event Kozacck's Pokrova Day, in St Giles Church, Cambridge, where the entertainment by British Folk Orchestra, Folk Tunes, helped raise £1,200.

The drawings were packed among a special cargo of supplies, with the help of Somerset Aid Group. Each drawing will be personally handed over to soldiers in four different brigades in eastern Ukraine.

Cllr Bill Handley, lead cabinet member for Communities, said: “This wonderful story shows the importance of our Ukraine Small Grants scheme and what a difference it can make to people. The grants are a simple yet powerful way of supporting voluntary and community sector groups, charities and public sector bodies who wish to further improve the quality of life for Ukrainians living in South Cambridgeshire and are designed to help them integrate and socialise within their communities. We invite other groups to please find out more and consider applying.”


Ukraine art work by childA childs drawing for Ukraine soldiersUkraine children's artworkA childs drawing for Ukraine soldiers

A childs drawing for Ukraine soldiersA childs drawing for Ukraine soldiers

A childs drawing for Ukraine soldiersA childs drawing for Ukraine soldiers

A childs drawing for Ukraine soldiersA childs drawing for Ukraine soldiers