We have produced this guide to explain what affordable housing is, the different tenure models available, who it is aimed at and how it is allocated.

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Information about affordable housing development including exception sites, commuted sums, contact details for Registered Providers, the Housing Statistical Information Leaflet and village Housing Needs Surveys.

A community governance review for the parish of Haslingfield

The Council has undertaken a community governance review of the parish of Haslingfield, prompted by the new housing development at Trumpington Meadows, which has altered the geographical spread of housing across the parish. The resulting spatial separation between the two population centres  no longer corresponded to a parish boundary that reflected a natural settlement pattern.

The Greater Cambridge Housing Development Agency (HDA)

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The Greater Cambridge Housing Development Agency was set up to help manage the delivery of new, affordable homes in sustainable loc

Some planning permissions are subject to a section 106 agreement securing contributions towards local infrastructure.

In order to expedite the determination of planning applications the applicant is required to submit a completed Heads of Terms template alongside the planning application such that, in the event the decision maker requires a section 106 agreement, then legal services may be instructed without unnecessary delay.

The District Council has created 2 Heads of Terms templates which are available below.

Find out about the types of social care provide by Cambridgeshire County Council.