Community-led plans

Community-led plans (also known as Parish Plans) identify community needs and set out a shared vision for the local community.

Community-led plans can be much broader than neighbourhood plans, covering more than just planning issues. Often instigated by the parish council, they are led by a steering group of community members, on which the parish council usually has a presence.

A community-led plan will involve widespread and effective community involvement, so the views of the whole community can be taken into account.

The final plan will identify key facilities and services, set out the problems that need to be tackled and will include an action plan to bring about the desired changes.

Community-led plans are valuable in providing evidence to decision makers and in support of applications to funding organisations, where evidence of need must be demonstrated. 

The District Council supports communities to develop these plans. If you are interested in conducting a community-led plan, e-mail the Duty Communities and you will be contacted by a Development Officer.

The following plans have been undertaken:

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