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Sanctions Available to the Civic Affairs Committee

The Council has delegated to the Civic Affairs Committee powers to take action to promote and maintain high standards of conduct.

The Committee may, when it has found that a councillor (or Parish Councillor) has breached the Code of Conduct:

  • Censure or reprimand the member
  • Publish its findings in respect of the member’s conduct
  • Report its findings to Council (or to the Parish Council) for information
  • Recommend to the member’s Group Leader (or in the case of un-grouped members, recommend to Council or to Committees) that he/she be removed from any or all Committees or Sub-Committees of the Council
  • Recommend to the Leader of the Council that the member be removed from the Cabinet, or removed from particular Portfolio responsibilities
  • Recommend to Council that the member be replaced as Leader of the Council
  • Instruct the Monitoring Officer to (or recommend that the Parish Council) arrange training for the member
  • Remove (or recommend to the Parish Council that the member be removed) from all
    outside appointments to which he/she has been appointed or nominated by the authority (or
    by the Parish Council)
  • Withdraw (or recommend to the Parish Council that it withdraws) facilities provided to the member by the Council, such as a computer, website and/or email and Internet access
  • Exclude (or recommend that the Parish Council exclude) the member from the Council’s offices or other premises, except meeting rooms as necessary for attending Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings.