Equality and diversity overview

Equality and diversity are not interchangeable but are interdependent, there is no equality of opportunity if difference is not recognised and valued. Equality is about treating individuals fairly, supported by legislation designed to promote equality and eliminate discrimination and harassment. Diversity however refers to the recognition and valuing of difference for the benefit of the Council and the individual.

We are committed to equality of opportunity in our approach to service delivery, employment and community leadership. We are also committed to identifying, understanding and eliminating all barriers that prevent access to services, information and employment.

Equality Scheme 2015 – 2020: Equality Objectives and Commitments

We have agreed a new Equality Scheme for 2015-2020

Three equality objectives have been identified to enable the Council to challenge discrimination, promote equality and help us achieve our corporate objectives:

  • Improve service design, delivery and access by improving the way we engage with communities, use customers’ feedback and develop our knowledge and understanding of our communities.
  • Identify, prioritise and deliver actions, which will narrow the gap in outcomes between disadvantaged groups and the wider community.
  • Foster good relations by promoting greater awareness and understanding between our communities.

 In addition, three equality commitments have been identified to help promote equality and raise awareness of equality issues during 2015 to 2017:

  •  We will explore the issues affecting people with dementia and their carers in terms of access to services. In addition, we will aim to be a dementia-friendly organisation by supporting the Dementia Friends initiative and holding awareness sessions for staff and partners to learn more about dementia and the effects it has on sufferers and carers.
  • We will work with partners to help address the issue of ‘new town blues’ in our new communities. In addition, we will train staff in Mental Health First Aid to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing or experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • We will improve access to services and the responsiveness of services and ensure that Gypsy and Traveller rights and needs are integrated into existing policies and services. In addition, we will recruit two new Officers to support the Gypsy and Traveller community in the district.

We have sought public views on these equality objectives and commitments, are currently analysing the results, and will ask our lead Councillor for Equality and Diversity, to approve a final scheme following this work.

Equality Information about us and our district

As a community leader and service provider, we believe that no person should be treated unfairly and are committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination in compliance with our Equality Scheme. This scheme sets out our aims and objectives for equality, and how these are aligned with the strategic objectives set out in our Corporate Plan. We are committed to ensuring that our equality information is as up to date as possible, and will be reviewing it on a regular basis to include new data available from sources. You can view the latest equality information about the council's employees and residents here:

Equality Information and the Equality Duty 2017

Annual Equality Report 2014

Equality in Employment Report July 2013

Ward Profiles Census 2011

As a major employer and provider of services, South Cambridgeshire District Council is committed to actively promoting equality and diversity, and working to combat discrimination across all nine protected characteristics of equality:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnerships
  • Pregnancy, maternity and paternity
  • Race
  • Religion/belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

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