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Our leadership structure

View our Leadership team structure [PDF, 0.6MB] [PDF, 0.3MB] (please note this document is not accessible and is for printing purposes only).

Chief Executive - Liz Watts

Liz Watts, Chief Executive

Direct reports:

  • Chief Operating Officer - Anne Ainsworth
  • Director of Greater Cambridge Shared Planning - Stephen Kelly
  • Elections Manager - Andrew Francis
  • Head of Finance and Section 151 Officer - Peter Maddock
  • Head of Climate, Environment and Waste - Bode Esan
  • Head of Transformation - Jeff Membery 
  • Head of Housing - Peter Campbell
  • Monitoring Officer - Rory Mckenna

Chief Operating Officer - Anne Ainsworth

Anne Ainsworth

  • Head of Economic Development and Commercial Investment - Adele Gritten

Director of Shared Planning - Stephen Kelly

Stephen Kelly, Joint Director of Planning and Economic Development for South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council

Direct reports:

  • Assistant Director, Delivery - Sharon Brown
  • Assistant Director, Strategy - Paul Frainer
  • Operations Manager, Shared Planning Service - Steven Winsor
  • Strategic Lead Building Control - Heather Jones

Head of Finance and Section 151 Officer - Peter Maddock

Peter Maddock, Section 151 Officer for South Cambridgeshire District Council

Direct reports:

  • Deputy Head of Finance - Farzana Ahmed
  • Revenues Manager - Katie Kelly
  • Benefits Manager - Dawn Graham
  • Fraud Investigation Officer - Tara Nutbeam-King
  • Procurement Officer - Sean Missin
  • Head of Shared Internal Audit - Jonathan Tully

Head of Climate, Environment and Waste - Bode Esan

Bode Esan, Head of Climate, Environment and Waste

Direct reports:

  • Waste: 
    • Waste Operations Manager - Mike Parsons
    • Commercial Waste Manager - Greg Hutton-Squire
    • Waste Policy, Change and Innovation Manager - Rebecca Weymouth-Wood
  • Environment
    • Service Manager (People, Protection and Planning) - Lesley Beevers
    • Commercial and Licensing Service Manager - Jon Hall

Head of Transformation - Jeff Membery 

Head of Transformation, Jeff Membery

Direct reports:

  • Communications and Sustainable and Communities Service Manager - Gareth Bell
  • Corporate Programme - Manager Phil Bird
  • Customer Contact Manager - Rachael Fox-Jackson
  • Democratic Services Manager - Rebecca Dobson 
  • Facilities Manager - Lee Jones
  • Health and Safety Advisor - Louise Cyngier
  • HR Business Partner - Helen Cornwell and Chloe Whitehead

Head of Housing - Peter Campbell

Head of Housing, Peter Campbell

Direct reports:

  • Head of Housing Strategy - Julie Fletcher
  • Service Manager: Acquisition and Development - Kirstin Donaldson
  • Head of Housing Advice and Options (Job share): Sue Carter (Monday to Wednesday AM), Heather Wood (Wednesday PM to Friday)
  • Neighbourhood Services - Manager Geoff Clark
  • Head of Ermine Street Housing - Duncan Vessey
  • Service Manager - Housing Assets - Eddie Spicer

Monitoring Officer - Rory Mckenna

Rory Mckenna, Monitoring Officer

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