Freedom of information (FOI) requests

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) allow members of the public to request information from public authorities so they have a better insight into the work we carry out on their behalf. 

We receive around 550 information requests per year, but most of the information is sent to just one requester. The disclosure log is a place where we can make requests available to a wider audience.

The log is a summary of each of the requests that are issues of public importance or would have a lasting value to local people.

The cases are organised by the month the cases are closed and show the request for information.

We have a duty to protect the personal information of the people that contact us. Therefore, in some circumstances we've removed information that might identify who has submitted a request.

The disclosure log starts from December 2019 below. If you would like a copy of any information requested before December 2019, please email:

Your request and questions

Please be aware that given the changing nature of the Coronavirus situation and the Council's need to prioritise its services, there may be a delay in our response time which will exceed the 20-day deadline for FOI requests.

Before you make a request you should check to see if the information is already available in one of the following places:

We have made some information that is often requested via the Freedom of Information Act available below.

We would ask that you make your request electronically rather than by post, by emailing

If you would like to submit your own request for information you can do by contacting

If you have any questions or concerns about the information published on the disclosure log please email the Information Governance team at

Our Disclosure Log

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