Report a missed collection

Please check our online calendar to find your bin collection day.

report a missed collection

Please check our service announcement page to see if we have not been able to visit your street for any reason.

Although we aim to collect all bins on schedule, we do occasionally miss some. If this happens then we can return to empty the bin if all of the following criteria have been met:

  • The bin or sack was placed out by 6:00am on the correct day
  • The normal collection point was used
  • Access to the bin was clear (e.g. in the case of assisted collections, the gate was unlocked)
  • The bin was correctly used and the crew have not issued an advice card to you about a problem. Please check our What goes in which bin page.
  • There was no issue recorded by the collection crew e.g. contamination, bin too heavy or too full, excessive waste, bin was frozen etc.
  • We receive the report of the missed collection on time, as required below.

Reporting a missed collection

You must report that your bin has been missed by 3.30pm the day after your scheduled collection.  This deadline is necessary for us to process and schedule the work in a timely manner and ensure we can return as quickly as possible.

If we have accidentally missed your bin, we will return to collect it within three working days of the scheduled collection day as follows:

Missed on Mon – Report by 3:30pm Tues – Collect by Thursday evening.

Missed on Tues – Report by 3:30pm Wed – Collect by Friday evening.

Missed on Wed – Report by 3:30pm Thurs – Collect by Monday evening.

Missed on Thurs – Report by 3:30pm Fri – Collected by Tuesday evening.

Missed on Fri – Reported by 3:30pm Mon – Collected by Wednesday evening.

Missed on Saturday - Reported by 3.30 Mon- Collected by Wednesday evening.

Incorrect use of bins

If we are unable to empty a bin because the wrong items have been put into it, the crew will leave a card notifying you about the reason for non-collection. In those circumstances the wrong items should be removed and we will empty on the next scheduled collection.

Disruptions to service

Occasionally there are unscheduled disruptions to the service such as adverse weather, accidents and road works. This type of disruption will be reported on the service announcements page. In these circumstances please leave your bin out for collection and we will return as soon as possible to empty it.

report a missed collection 

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