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Weekly food waste collection trial

End of separate food waste collections 

The separate weekly food waste trial will end on 31 March 2023. This is because the trial has been running for over 3 years and has allowed us to gather the information needed to successfully launch collections for all residents in the future once appropriate funding from Government is in place. 

The last collection will be week commencing 27 March 2023.

The trial has been extremely successful - we have collected over 1,400 tonnes of food waste from almost half a million caddies over the 3 years and collecting food waste separately has enabled us to gain a great deal of knowledge and understanding about the best way to run the service. We will build on this knowledge to deliver collections to all residents once Government grants are received to do so. After the last collection, please continue to use your indoor caddy to collect the food waste in the kitchen and then transfer the contents to your green bin. It is important to note that you must not use any bio-bags in the green bin. Please use paper liners, newspaper, or no liner (though this is a little messier).   

For flats which do not have a green bin you will need to place food waste in the general rubbish bins.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will a permanent weekly food waste collection be introduced?

Once national legislation is introduced and councils are provided with the required funding to make this happen, we will be in a position to provide the service to most households. We hope this won’t be too long and will update you as soon as we know.  

What should I do with my leftover liners? 

You can use them as bin liners in a small bathroom bin; use them as dog poo bags (if you have a dog) or ask a neighbour if they have a use for them. It is important that these do not go in your green bin as this will result in it not being emptied.  

Where else can I put my food waste?

You can use your green bin for food waste. Either wrap the food in newspaper or paper liners before placing it into your green bin. Alternatively, consider starting a composting system if you have a garden. Visit the Garden Organic website for more information on how to make one.  

What should I do with my large/small caddies?

Please hold onto your caddies as we do not provide a collection service for these. You can still use your caddies to collect food waste, before adding it to your green bin. Caddies also have many uses in the garden/garage for storage or carrying items. Questions on this topic being sent to

I live in a flat which has a bin store, what will happen to my communal brown bin?

We will aim to remove the brown bins within the next few weeks. Please do not add any waste to it/them.

Where can I get a low-cost composter from?

You can buy these from the Get Composting website. Enter your postcode on the relevant part of the website for the discount. 

Where can I find more information on reducing food waste? 

Love Food Hate Waste have a range of recipes, tips and advice for food waste reduction. 

What should I use to line my indoor caddy now that I can’t use bio-bags?

Please use either paper liners, available from our offices in Cambourne, or in most supermarkets; or wrap in newspaper (use several sheets to avoid it disintegrating). You can choose not to use a liner, but this can be a bit messier.

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