Additional green bins and permits

Every household in South Cambridgeshire is entitled to 1 free green bin for food and garden waste, which we collect fortnightly from March to November and monthly from December to February.

You can pay to have up to a further 3 green bins (4 in total), which we'll empty along with your first green bin.

The fees for extra green bins are:

  • £40 from 1 October 2021 for each additional bin

You may subscribe and pay for permits at any time but we will charge the full amount. There are no discounts or concessions.

Once you have paid for your bin(s) permit(s) you will receive a permit within 14 days. It's important you stick this on the back of your bin so the collection crew can see it has been paid for and know to empty it.

Bins remain the property of South Cambridgeshire District Council.

Please read our additional green bins terms and conditions.

Buy a new additional green bin

Please complete the below online form to order a new additional green bin.

You will automatically receive a permit once you have placed your order so you do not need to order this separately.

Please do not use this option if your bin is damaged or lost.

Buy a new additional green bin

Already have an additional bin and need to pay for a permit

Please complete the below online form if you already have an additional green bin but need to pay for a permit so that your bin will be emptied.

Pay for your additional green bin permit

Change of circumstances

Please email if you change address or have any questions about your additional green bin or permit.

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