Bin collection service announcements

This page contains all bin collection service announcements regarding residents’ bin collections. Please check below to see if your street name is listed as a missed collection. 

If your village/street is not on the list below, please check our bin collection calendar to find your collection date. If your black or blue bin should have been collected but hasn’t, please report this using our online form by 3:30pm the following day and we will come back to empty it within two working days.

Friday 1 July

Due to a vehicle breakdown we have been unable to empty some black bins in Orchard Park today on Buttercup Road, Chariot Way, Cranesbill Close, Foxglove Way, Iceni Way and Ring Fort Road. We will return to empty these on Monday 4 July and apologise for any inconvenience. 

Brown sack replacement

If you use brown sacks instead of a green bin, we apologise if you haven't received replacement sacks after your garden/food waste has been taken away. We are still waiting on replacement stock from our suppliers. We will update this page once we have received the stock of brown sacks and when we will be able to deliver them. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Please do not use the web form to order more. 

If you are completely out of stock of brown sacks, below is some advice of what to do with your garden/food waste until the new stock arrives.

- Create a home composting area in the garden. See our composting page for more information
- Take you garden waste to the household recycling centre at Milton or Thriplow
- Leave the garden waste in a pile in the garden until we are able to replenish the sacks
- Please only put garden waste in your white sacks (or black bin) if you have to
- Please do not burn your garden waste as this damages the local air quality and can be detrimental to those with breathing difficulties.

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