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Self-build and custom-build property register

Self-build and custom-build property register

What are self build homes?

Self build and custom build homes are homes which are built by, or on behalf of, a landowner. We maintain a register to monitor how many in Greater Cambridge are looking for land to use for self build homes, and use this information to show the local demand for self builds. On this web-page you can:

Registering your interest

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We hold an active register for people interested in custom and self build properties within Greater Cambridge, so we can identify the number and location of plots of land required.

Register for a self-build or custom build property

Self and custom build register

As a local authority, we are obliged from the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 to maintain a self and custom build register.

A book containing charts and graphs

This is a joint register of the number of individuals, and associations of individuals, who are seeking land in South Cambridgeshire or Cambridge City to use for either self and custom house-building. This is also used to demonstrate local demand for self builds.

Whether a home is a self-build or custom build depends on if the initial home owner will have primary input into its final design and layout. If the home owner will have final say on all decisions, it is self-build. If some choices are already made for the home-owner, it is custom build. Homes considered to be self or custom built should be the main residence of the initial homeowner. For instance, it should not be used as a rental property.

Local authorities will then give suitable developments permission to meet the demonstrated demand. This is measured against an annual ‘base period’.

The first base period began on the day on which the register is created and ended on 30 October 2016. Each following base period is 12 months long, beginning immediately after the previous base period ends (running from 31 October to 30 October).

Relevant authorities have 3 years from the end of a base period to grant entries from that same base period permission for an equivalent number of plots of land which are suitable for self-builds and custom builds.

Self and custom build in Greater Cambridge

Our goal is to meet the need demonstrated by our register, and deliver self and custom build opportunities in suitable locations in South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City.

Example drawing of self build site layout

We work to identify suitable plots of our own land where possible to install services, and market these to register applicants. We also invite private companies to notify us of other plots and development opportunities which will be advertised to people on the register.

The table below shows the number of people added to the register for each base period and the number of planning permissions granted within 3 years from the end of each base period.

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Assessment Period

Number of people added to register (within base period)

Permissions Granted

(3 years following base period)

Base Period 1: 01/04/16 to 30/10/16



Base Period 2: 31/10/16 to 30/10/17



Base Period 3: 31/10/17 to 30/10/18



Base Period 4: 31/10/18 to 30/10/19



Base Period 5: 31/10/19 to 30/10/20



Base Period 6: 31/10/20 to 30/10/21



Base Period 7: 31/10/21 to 30/10/22



Base Period 8: 31/10/22 to 30/10/23



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