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The original masterplan for Cambourne, approved in 1996, set out a vision of 3 interlinked villages - each planned around village greens and connected by a central spine road running East to West. Lower Cambourne is the westernmost village, Great Cambourne, is the largest of the three villages. Upper Cambourne lies between the eastern valley and the Broadway, the road which leads south from the old A428 to the village of Bourn.

As detailed planning applications (reserved matters) were submitted, densities were increased in line with the subsequently issued changes to national Planning Policy Guidance 3 (2000). This resulted in overall net densities increasing to approximately 30 dph and meant that the permitted 3,300 homes were built at Lower Cambourne, most of Great Cambourne and only on the north-western part of the Upper Cambourne footprint.

Work started on the site in 1998 with the first residents moving in 1999. Groundwork has now started for the development of Cambourne West. 

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How can I view the Cambourne application?

The easiest way for you to view the plans is to visit and search for the planning applications using the application reference numbers:

  • S/1371/92/O - Outline Planning Application Monkfield Farm
  • S/1635/92/O – Outline planning application Great Common Farm/ Bourn Airfield

If you do not have internet access, you can also view the plans at our office between 9am and 5pm weekdays.

Cambourne Timeline

1996 – Original Masterplan for Cambourne approved (Lower, Great, Upper)

1998 – Work started on site

1999 – First residents moved in

2004 – Cambourne became a separate parish

2007 - Outline application (S/6438/07/O) for a further 950 homes, within the boundaries of the original application, for Upper Cambourne was submitted. This application was approved in 2011 with 30% affordable housing and financial contributions towards services and facilities within Cambourne. Of the 950 homes approved at Upper Cambourne, detailed applications for all of these homes have now been approved and many have been built and occupied.

2013 - Cambourne Secondary School opened to the west of the Lower Cambourne perimeter tree belt on land within the parish of Caxton. This was followed by the opening of Cambourne Community Primary School next to the secondary school in 2015.

2017- Outline application (S/2903/14/OL) approved for Cambourne West for up to 2350 homes

2019 – Cambourne Parish Council voted to become Cambourne Town Council (The Town Council have regular meetings and events on a range of matters and comment on planning applications within their boundaries).

2019 – Design code for Cambourne West approved (S/2709/18/DC)

Present - The First Development Parcels have been approved (S/4537/19/RM, 20/01536/REM, 20/01640/REM). Strategic Engineering works have begun on site. 

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