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About Cambourne

Image showing houses in Cambourne

The new settlement of Cambourne was approved in 1996, with planning permission for up to 3300 dwellings.

The original masterplan for Cambourne set out a vision of 3 interlinked villages - each planned around village greens and connected by a central spine road running East to West.

Lower Cambourne is to the west, Great Cambourne is in the centre, and Upper Cambourne is to the east.

In 2011 permission was granted for a further 950 dwellings in Upper Cambourne.

In 2017 permission was granted for a further 2350 dwellings on land to the west of Cambourne.

Work started on the site in 1998, with the first residents moving in 1999.

The relevant planning applications are numbered below -

  • S/1371/92/O
  • S/6438/07/O
  • S/2903/14/OL

Cambourne Timeline

1996 – Original Masterplan for Cambourne approved

1998 – Work started on site

1999 – First residents move in

2004 – Cambourne became a separate parish

2007 - Outline application (S/6438/07/O) for a further 950 homes, within the boundaries of the original application, for Upper Cambourne was submitted. This application was approved in 2011 with 30% affordable housing and financial contributions towards services and facilities within Cambourne.

2013 - Cambourne Secondary School opened to the west of Lower Cambourne. This was followed by the opening of Cambourne Community Primary School next to the secondary school in 2015.

2017- Outline application (S/2903/14/OL) approved for Cambourne West for up to 2350 homes

2019 – Cambourne Parish Council becomes Cambourne Town Council

2019 – Design code for Cambourne West approved (S/2709/18/DC)

2020 – Work starts on the Cambourne West site

For more information about Cambourne, visit the Cambourne community news website

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