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Local Plan Examination: Hearing sessions

An overview of the examination process is available on our Examination page.

The examination hearings have now closed. No further comments or submissions will be accepted unless they have been expressly invited by the Inspectors.

Pre-Hearing Meeting

The pre-hearing meeting took place on Thursday 11 September 2014. The pre-hearing meeting was for both the Cambridge Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan examinations and explained the format of the examination. The Inspector has issued Notes of the Pre-Hearing Meeting [PDF, 0.2MB], which provide a summary of the main points raised.

The Inspector has issued Guidance Notes [PDF, 0.1MB] for those participating in the examination explaining the examination process in more detail.

Hearing Sessions

The Inspector will hold hearing sessions. Hearings are an opportunity for the Inspector to clarify and / or seek additional information on any issues relating to the 'soundness' of the Local Plan.

An updated Hearings Programme (version 24, 22 June 2017) [PDF, 0.3MB] has been published giving details on future hearings blocks for both the Cambridge Local Plan and South Cambridgeshire Local Plan examinations.

The first blocks of hearing sessions set out in the Hearings Programme (version 7) [PDF, 0.2MB] dealt with joint matters relating to the Cambridge Local Plan and the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan.

Members of the public are able to attend the examination hearing sessions to observe proceedings.

Matters and Issues

The Inspector has issued:

All written statements submitted to inform the hearing sessions are published on the Written Statements webpage. Statements are subject to a 3,000 word limit - see note about statements being submitted by participants in hearing sessions.

Inspector Notes

The Inspector has issued Inspector Note 1 [PDF, 0.1MB] (RD/Gen/150) which relates to the context for hearings on site allocations, strategy and omissions sites at the Local Plan Examination.

The Inspector has issued Inspector Note 2 [PDF, 46Kb](RD/Gen/151) which relates to appearances in relation to the Proposed Modifications representations.

The Programme Officer has issued a note [PDF, 26Kb] which relates to the issues to be covered in the joint hearings relating to the Proposed Modifications in June 2016.

All correspondence relating to the examination should be via the Programme Officer (Gloria Alexander):