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Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

What are Supplementary Planning Documents?

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are intended to expand upon policy or provide further detail to policies in the adopted Development Plan.

Stages in the production of an SPD:

  1. Evidence gathering and preparation of draft SPD.
  2. Public consultation on the draft SPD (6 weeks).
  3. Consider representations received and finalise SPD.
  4. Adoption of SPD.

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents

We have the following adopted SPDs supporting the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2018:

The following SPDs were adopted by us to provide guidance to support previously adopted Development Plan Documents that have now been superseded by the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2018. These documents are still material considerations when making planning decisions, with the weight in decision making to be determined on a case by case basis having regard to consistency with national planning guidance and the adopted South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2018: 

New SPDs being Prepared

We are reviewing our programme for the preparation of SPDs including considering whether any of the SPDs listed above will be reviewed and updated to support the South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2018.

Informal Planning Policy Guidance

We have also produced the Foodstore Provision in North West Cambridge Informal Planning Policy Guidance (adopted March 2011) which is a material consideration in determining planning applications. This guidance document sets out a strategy for the provision of foodstores in north west Cambridge along with development principles that should be followed by developers.