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Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (August 2013)

What is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)?

The SHLAA is one of a range of evidence base and supporting studies produced or commissioned by us to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan.

The Local Plan will set out the planning policies to guide the development and use of the land in the district up to 2031.

The SHLAA is a technical assessment of the potential suitability, availability and achievability of sites for housing development. The sites assessed through the SHLAA were those submitted to us through:

The SHLAA was first published in July 2012 and a supplement was published in December 2012. The SHLAA (June 2013) replaced both of these previous documents. We found that the updated SHLAA (June 2013) issued at the start of the public consultation for the Proposed Submission Local Plan did not include some of the most up-to-date information which was used when compiling the Local Plan. We published an updated SHLAA in August 2013. The SHLAA (August 2013) replaces all the previous versions of the SHLAA.

The SHLAA (August 2013) report and its appendices (RD/Strat/120) are available to download:

Appendix 7i: Assessment of 2011 'Call for Sites' SHLAA sites 

Appendix 7ii: Assessment of sites arising from the Issues & Options 1 Consultation

Appendix 7iii: Assessment of sites in the Cambridge Green Belt Fringe

Site Options

Other Sites

Appendix 7iv: Assessment of sites arising from the Issues & Options 2 Consultation

Appendix 8: Maps of SHLAA sites 

There are some consequential updates to figures in the SHLAA and SA summary tables as a result of the republication of the SHLAA. These are listed in this errata.

Earlier versions of the SHLAA are available: