New council homes in South Cambridgeshire

New council homes in South Cambridgeshire

We are committed to building new homes for Council tenants that are truly affordable to live in. On this page you can find information about where our new homes have been or are being built across a number of developments around the district. 

Some of the new homes will be available as affordable rent properties. Once they are complete, you will be to register your interest in these homes via Homelink.

The rest of the new homes will be available through a shared ownership scheme. Even before these homes are complete, they will be advertised privately. Details of whom to contact will be on the development site signboards, alternatively, please email for further information.

All of our new homes are built to high specifications and are energy efficient with double glazed windows. Some homes also have solar panels or are powered by air source heat pumps.

Potential tenants or buyers who have a local connection will be prioritised for all of our new build homes.

Homes being built

Boxworth End, Swavesey

  • Twelve affordable properties, being developed by Matthew Homes, will be advertised in the Spring/Summer 2022. Consisting of four 1-bed apartments and four 2-bed semi detached houses for affordable rent, these will be available to bid on through Homelink soon. The final 4 properties made up of two 2-bed semi detached homes and two 3-bed semi detached homes are currently being advertised for shared ownership through William H Brown, for further details please contact them at

High Street, Meldreth

  • Four affordable rent homes are being built in High Street, Meldreth by developer Enterprise. These are made up of two 2-bed semi detached homes and two 3-bed semi detached homes. These will be available to be bid on through Homelink soon
  • Three 2-bed terraced houses will be advertised for shared ownership. These are advertised through William H Brown, for further details please contact them at
  • Expected completion will be end of Summer 2022. 

The Birdlings, Toft

  • Eleven shared ownership homes have already been completed (2 to 4 bedrooms) and are being advertised through Domovo, all have now been sold/reserved.
  • A further 25 homes are planned, all as affordable rent. This includes eight 1-bedroom flats; nine 2-bedroom flats; five 2-bedroom houses; and three 3-bedroom houses. 23 of these affordable rent have been completed and are all occupied. The remaining 2 bed semi detached and 3 bed semi detached homes are scheduled for completion in summer 2022 and will be advertised through Homelink shortly.

The Hawthorns, Sawston

  • We haven't yet completed all homes at this development, but by the end of 2022 there will be 44 affordable rent and 19 shared ownership homes completed at this site.
  • The affordable rent homes will include twenty 1-bedroom apartments; twenty-one 2-bedroom apartments; two 3-bedroom houses; and one 4-bedroom house. The first 26 affordable rent apartments are completed and allocated.
  • Through shared ownership there will be four 1-bedroom apartments; eleven 2-bedroom apartments; three 3-bedroom houses; and one 4-bedroom house. The shared ownership apartments are due to complete In June/July 2022 and are currently being advertised through William H Brown, for further details please contact them at


Completed developments

Emerson Park, Great Abington

  • Three affordable rent homes built to a high specification were completed in January 2022, all now occupied. This site also offers four 1-bedroom apartments offered under the 'First Homes' initiative. For further information, please contact the developer Laragh Homes.

Orchard Gardens, Melbourn

  • Nine affordable homes completed early 2022. These consisted of two 1-bed apartments, a 1-bed house and three 2-bed homes for affordable rent. All are now occupied.
  • The remaining 3 homes, all 3-bed houses, these have all been sold/reserved.

Burlington Place, Foxton

  • Since autumn 2020, we have had 6 affordable rent homes tenanted (four 1-bedroom maisonettes and two 2-bedroom houses), alongside 3 shared ownership homes (one 2-bedroom house and two 3-bedroom houses). All now occupied.

Burton End, West Wickham

  • Since winter 2020, 3 affordable rent homes have been tenanted (one 1-bedroom bungalow; one 2-bedroom bungalow; and one 2-bedroom house), alongside one 3-bedroom shared ownership house which has now been sold and occupied.

Larkfield, Great Abington

  • Eighteen new homes completed since summer 2020 - a mixture of affordable rent and shared ownership. All are now occupied

Pembrook Way, Teversham

  • Five new affordable rent homes completed in winter 2020, including two 1-bedroom maisonettes; two 2-bedroom houses; and one 1-bedroom bungalow. All are now occupied.

Hunters Close, Impington

  • In October 2021 we completed on 7 affordable rent homes (six 1-bedroom flats, and one 3- bedroom house) and 3 shared ownership homes (two 2-bedroom houses and one 3-bedroom house). All affordable rent are occupied and all shared ownership are now sold.

Meridian Fields, Hardwick

  • Twenty-five new build affordable rent homes ranging from 1 bed to 4 bed, have been completed through 2021 and all are now occupied.
  • Twelve Shared Ownership have also been completed ranging from 2 to 3 bed. Eleven of these have now been sold/reserved. The remaining 2 bed semi detached house is being advertised through Domovo.

Bartlow Road, Castle Camps

  • In September 2021, we completed on 4 new affordable homes consisting of 3 affordable rent and one shared ownership. All are now occupied.


Potential future developments

We are currently working alongside several developers to acquire further affordable homes across our district.

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