Approval for an attachment to a street light

Any attachment to a streetlight may affect the structural integrity of the light or interfere with public access and maintenance.  You must seek approval from us if you wish to attach anything to one of our streetlights.  We will generally arrange for the installation of approved attachments.   

We accept applications for attachments from non-commercial organisations for signs, vehicle speed indication devices, CCTV and Smart City measures. Where vehicle speed indication devices are intended these should be battery rather than mains operated. We will not approve applications for the attachment of hanging baskets, festive decorations, catenary wires, litter or dog waste bins, or banners.

To enquire about making an attachment to one of our streetlights please contact us early on, and in advance of purchasing any attachment, as we have streetlights for which it may not be possible for us to approve attachments.  To enquire, please email

Please be aware that attachments that have not been approved by us may be removed to ensure safety.