Asbestos advice


Asbestos can be a dangerous material which, while being removed and disposed of, must be handled carefully and competently. A specialist licensed contractor should be used to ensure it is removed and disposed of in a controlled and safe manner. To find the latest advice on asbestos visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

Cambridgeshire County Council offers Cambridgeshire residents a disposal service for small quantities of cement bonded asbestos that will fit into a bag 2.59m (8’6”) x 1.37m (4’6”) in size within a 12-month period. To see if you qualify, visit their website.

Asbestos in Public Places

If you are aware of or suspect that asbestos has been dumped in a public area Environmental Health would certainly wish to know about such an incident. We would visit the site where the material is alleged to have been deposited and endeavour to get the landowner to remove it. The asbestos could be in a field in which case the landowner may be the farmer or, if it were on a bridleway or public footpath, we would advise the County Council. In either event, an environmental health officer would visit and then endeavour to have the material removed.

Asbestos at Work

For concerns about Asbestos at Work go to

Licensed Asbestos Removal

We encourage householders to dispose of all types of asbestos through a specialist licensed contractor as asbestos must be removed and disposed of in a controlled and safe manner. You can find a licensed contractor on the Health and Safety Executive website.

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