Voting by post or proxy

If you are going to be away at the time of an election or referendum (including neighbourhood planning referendums), you can choose to vote by post or proxy.

How to apply

You must already be registered to vote to apply for a postal or proxy vote.

If you want to have your ballot paper sent to you in the post, you will need to apply to vote by post.

By post

Please complete an application form and send it to the Electoral Registration Office.

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 11 working days before any election.
Anyone can apply for a postal vote, and you can choose to have it on a permanent basis or for a specific election/referendum.

By proxy

You can also choose to vote by proxy. This is when you appoint someone to visit your polling station on your behalf.

Please complete an application form and send it to the Electoral Registration Office.
The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 6 working days before an election. 
Anyone may apply to vote by proxy as a one-off, for a specific election/referendum.

If you would like to apply for a permanent proxy vote, you should contact the Elections team to discuss your requirements. 

The easiest way to submit your application is by scanning and emailing your completed form to

Please make sure your scan is of good quality.

If you are unable to scan and email your application, you can post it to:

Electoral Services
South Cambridgeshire District Council
Cambourne Business Park
Cambridge CB23 6EA

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