Polling district review

Review of Polling Places and Polling Districts

2019 Review

We are required to undertake a review of our polling districts and polling places.

We last undertook a review in 2016, when we made some interim changes to our polling districts to bring them in line with our new district wards. We are now starting a new full review to check our current arrangements are still appropriate.

Whilst we are not proposing to make any changes to the current schedule of polling districts and polling places, we would welcome any views from our residents as to changes we could make to improve polling arrangements in South Cambridgeshire. You can view full details of the consultation along with the existing schedule of polling districts and places in the Consultation document below. 

Notice of Review

Consultation document for Polling District Review 

Comment on our consultation

Review Timetable

Consultation on Polling Districts and Places: 8 July 2019 – 19 August 2019
Proposals taken to Civic Affairs Committee: 3 September 2019
Recommendations to Council: 28 November 2019
Republish register with any revised polling districts: 1 December 2019

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