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News release from: 13/11/2023

#DoTheRightThing campaign is launched

Do The Right Thing

Residents are being urged to #DoTheRightThing when filling in forms to access services and benefits in a campaign launched during International Fraud Awareness Week.

South Cambridgeshire District Council has added a reminder at the start of all its online web forms via a new graphic saying: ‘if in doubt don’t fill it out without advice.’

The #DoTheRightThing graphic is on all forms involving a monetary benefit or a benefit in kind, such as Benefits, Council Tax, Elections, Housing, Licensing and Planning, to remind residents of the importance of completing forms correctly.

The #DoTheRightThing campaign is being launched in International Fraud Awareness Week which runs from November 12-18.

Cllr John Williams, Lead Cabinet Member for Resources, said: “Fraud costs councils money and precious time and may take away services from people in need. For example, housing fraud costs people in need a roof over their head and lengthens council waiting lists. We hope our campaign urging people to #DoTheRightThing will ensure people stop and think before completing forms for monetary or any other type of gain. Public sector fraud is ultimately borne by taxpayers, so any measures that reduce fraud in a cost-effective way are to be welcomed.”

Fraud awareness social campaign image