Notify us of a move

Check if your property is in the South Cambridgeshire District area by finding your local council.


If you are a resident moving in or out of South Cambridgeshire, please tell us your change of address using the form below. Please provide us with as much information as possible as this will enable us to deal with your application more effectively.

Tell us you're moving

If you are permanently leaving your property empty to receive care elsewhere (for example, a hospital, care home, a relative or other person’s home) please complete our change of address to receive care form.

If you are moving into the district, please also make sure you:


If you are a landlord, or agent, you will need to notify us of any tenancy changes for a property that you are responsible for. 

Please also include the name, address, and telephone number of the owner of the property (or the lettings agent), so that we can send them a bill for any period in between tenancies.

Report a change of occupancy

Find out more on our Information for Landlords page.

Property developers

Please use the form below to notify us that you have sold a new build property.

Please ensure you have the new owners' details to hand, as these will be required on the form. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Notify us about your new build


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