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Financial information

Where does the money come from?

We charge one of the lowest Council Taxes in the country to provide a range of services to residents and businesses. However, Council Tax is only one element of the funding we receive.

The table below shows how our budget for next year is made up of money from different sources, and how it compares to last year. The business rates figures are shown after deducting amounts we have to pay over to central government, the county council and the fire authority - we only keep around 5% of the business rates we collect.

As shown in the table, the grant we receive from central government has been cut again next year. This follows a number of reductions over recent years.

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Source Gross Estimated Income (2022 to 2023) - £million Gross Estimated Income (2023 to 2024) - £million
Grant from Government (Rural Services Grant) 0.43 0.49
Retained business rates 11.64 18.62
New Homes Bonus 2.38 1.51
Investment income 5.46 7
Grants, fees and charges, using up savings 32.32 37.97
Council tax 17.24 18.09

Where does your money go?

The table below shows how we plan to use the money we have available to provide services to you. It compares spending in major service areas this financial year to what we spent last year. The Council Tax and Housing Benefit Figures are shown after deducting amounts we receive from central government to pass onto those receiving support.

Our waste and recycling budget includes the funding to provide this service in Cambridge too. We run a shared service with Cambridge City Council.

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Source Gross estimated expenditure (2021 to 2022)- £million Gross estimated expenditure (2023 to 2024) - £milion
Environmental health, street cleaning, recycling, licensing and private sector housing 4.45 3.4
Waste Collection 12.02 16.33
Planning, conservation, building control, developing new communities, planning policy & transport initiatives 10.25 12.41
Finance, councillor administration, corporate management, policy, communications & elections 7.12 10.01
Council tax, business rates and housing benefit 26.23 22.01
Housing  5.84 6.5
Corporate projects and capital funding 3.48 6.07
Precepts 6.11 6.96
Totals 75.49 83.69

More detailed information on the estimated expenditure can be found on Council accounts and Annual Governance Statement.

View our Parish expenditure Council Tax leaflet for 2023 to 2024 [XLSX, 49Kb] and find out about the Parishes with a yearly expenditure of over £140,000. [XLSX, 21Kb]

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