Local travel support

Getting to your host's home when you arrive

Once you have arrived in the UK we can help you travel to your host's home. Your host may be able to help you travel, if not, guests across the country are eligible for one free journey using trains, buses or coaches to your host's home. You will only need to show your Ukrainian passport and boarding pass, or ticket showing arrival into the country within the last 48 hours. For more information see the Ukrainian Displaced Persons Travel Scheme.

Local travel options and support

10 days of unlimited bus travel

This scheme ends on 31 March 2023.

When we are informed about a guest’s arrival, they are now being provided with tickets that entitle them to 10 days of unlimited bus travel. The tickets will be sent alongside their arrival payment. These bus tickets do not need to be used in 10 consecutive days in a row. Instead, guests are being provided with 10 separate tickets that they can use on any day that they choose. They are valid for travel in the Stagecoach Cambridgeshire zone. The aim is to encourage guests to get out and about, whether it’s to get to know the area, to seek help and advice or to look for work.

Please note this scheme is ending on 31 March 2023. We’d like to thank Stagecoach for working in partnership with local councils to provide the free tickets during the initial phase of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. If you or your guests have any questions about bus tickets, please email ukrainepayments@scambs.gov.uk.

Free bus pass

Ukrainian guests can apply to the Combined Authority for a concessionary bus pass if they qualify under the rules of the scheme, the same as anyone else whose sole or principle residence is within Cambridgeshire/Peterborough. If you have reached retirement age or have evidence of a qualifying disability you may be able to apply.

For more information on The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme and if you are eligible to apply please visit the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority website.

Important: School Transport

Some of our guests are now moving to other host families in other locations. Where this is the case guests with school-age children should be aware of the latest important advice below related to school transport arrangements.

Council Officers have been in discussion with Cambridgeshire County Council regarding school transport for Ukrainian refugees. This has been initiated for several reasons, especially due to the shrinking number of potential hosts, the difficulties we are facing rematching guests within their current location and to advise guests when they are ready to transition into independent accommodation.

The rules on school transport mean that if guests move locations, transport is only provided to the designated school that children should attend in their new location, which will be the catchment school and/or the school closest to the child’s address. This will mean it is likely that guest parents will need to talk to the County Council to arrange moving schools.

There are some circumstances whereby free travel assistance may be available to pupils on a case-by-case basis however, to qualify for this service, they must meet the eligibility criteria. More information can be found on Cambridgeshire County Council’s website.

How to apply for a free bicycle

Guests can request a free, good quality second-hand bicycle as part of our collaboration between the local charities TAG Bikes and Camtrust.

Helmets and locks will also be supplied free of charge and the Council will also provide guests with details of a free Bikeability cycle training course, which will include a translator. 

  • TAG Bikes is part of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Learning Disability Partnership which provides day opportunities to support people with learning disabilities to gain work experience, increase their independence and skills and offer support to find paid employment. Its team supports bicycle donations with bicycle servicing and general bike repairs at its dedicated workshop.
  • Camtrust specialises in life and work skills for adults with physical disabilities and learning difficulties. The charity also runs a bicycle refurbishment programme where donated bikes are refurbished by a small team of staff and clients and sold at affordable prices. Camtrust also offers bike servicing. 
  • CTC Cambridge cycling club are starting a scheme whereby experienced riders within the group can buddy up with Ukrainian guests, to help them become more familiar with the area and its roads and cycleways and to make the most of their new bikes. Email secretary@ctccambridge.org.uk if your guests would like to take advantage of this offer.
  • Cycling UK are offering a free 12-month digital-only Cycling UK membership to Ukrainian refugees. The offer is currently only available to Ukrainian refugees referred by Cycling UK member groups – such as CTC Cambridge. You can email membership@cyclinguk.org or call 01483 238 301 if you have any questions.

Once a guest applies for a bike, and we have confirmed they are eligible, they will be put in touch with the supplier nearest to them so that they can arrange to collect their bicycle. Where no transport is immediately available for hosts to collect bikes, such as if the host family has no car, a community group may be able to assist. Guests or hosts can ask for support, and raise any further queries or concerns around bicycle collection, by emailing duty.communities@scambs.gov.uk.

As demand has been high, delivery is taking a little while longer than planned. Please note that this scheme is only available to guests who have arrived in South Cambridgeshire as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

We also want to highlight the useful and free Transport for London online cycle skills course which guests may find beneficial.

Free Rides on Bizbikes

Cambridge Electric Transport which runs Bizbike Community E-bike Services is offering free rides to Ukrainian refugees. The service is available in Northstowe, Longstanton (at Park&Ride), Teversham, The Abingtons  and Hardwick. Ukrainians wanting to use the service should email info@bizbike.club indicating their refugee status and they will be sent full instructions and registered for free rides.


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