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Northstowe Community Networkers Group

Northstowe Community Networkers Group

Meeting are usually held on the second Wednesday of the month (unless there is a Forum)

Location: Online, please email for an invitation to attend. 

Aims of the Group

  1. The group will facilitate communication between the different social groups forming in Northstowe.
  2. The group will act as a forum, so that the different constituted community groups in Northstowe can coordinate their activities.

Terms of Reference – updated September 2022

  1. To establish a Community Working Group made up of local residents or representatives of local groups from Northstowe, or neighbouring villages, who are interested in helping to shape and support the new community as the development progresses.
  2. Anybody resident in the communities of Longstanton, Oakington or Northstowe, or with a specific interest in the topic being discussed may be invited to attend.
  3. Group meetings will be advertised to local community groups and are potentially open to all on an invitation and/or recruitment basis when discussing specific topics/events.
  4. The Group will meet on the second Wednesday of each month, except in months when a Northstowe Community Forum is held instead. (This date may be subject to change, based upon availability of key persons).
  5. Notification of alternative dates of meetings shall be made to members one meeting in advance.
  6. The Group to be facilitated by a designated South Cambridgeshire District Council officer.
  7. These Terms of Reference will be reviewed as required - at least annually.
  8. Each meeting may take one of the following formats:
  • General Meeting: These will take the format of a formal meeting with an agenda. Topics may be brought forward for discussion by members or in response to enquiries via social media. These meetings may be used to discuss various topics and result in actions for members of the group.
  • Specific Topic Meeting: Where a specific topic is required to be talked about in depth, a special meeting may be called to deal with this single topic, such as coordinating Northstowe Day. The members of the group would work to facilitate this meeting, that would be in turn open to members of the public.

Northstowe Community Calendar

This calendar is to enable different groups to see what dates are free to hold community meetings or events. If you would like to add your group's events to the calendar please email

This calendar is readable with a screen reader.