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How to report concerns in your area

The South Cambridgeshire Neighbourhoods team would like to assure our residents that South Cambridgeshire is a safe place in the country to live and work and they would like to keep it that way.

You know your communities best.
You know the drivers that get in their cars after one too many.
You know the family that regularly have violent outbursts with one another.
You know the child in that house that tragically witnesses it all.
You know the vulnerable person that lives next door. 

The neighbourhoods team are looking to know what you as residents know so that they can continue to keep our district safe. 

If something doesn't feel right please speak to South Cambridgeshire's neighbourhood team either online, via text on 1800101 or by calling 101.

The team recognise that a large amount of concerns within local communities are often deeply entrenched and this may affect your confidence in reporting matters to the team. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your details you can report anonymously via Crime stoppers or by calling 0800 555 111. 

Whilst anonymous reporting often provides difficulties for the team when it comes to evidencing matters for court, they would rather have information anonymously than not have access to it at all.