Bulky item collection service

Different ways to pass on your unwanted items

Before you use our bulky item collection service to collect an unwanted large or bulky item, please check if you can pass it on in another way.
For example, you could:
  • Sell it on a network site like Gumtree or give it to charity (some charities can collect large items from your home)
  • Take it to Milton recycling centre or Thriplow recycling centre
  • Check whether it can be taken away by the company delivering a replacement product (for example, mattress or white goods)
  • Phone your local charities such as Emmaus as it is likely that they will offer alternative collection services.

Check our Recycling A-Z for advice on specific items.

Check if your bulky item is acceptable for collection

Firstly, check that the items you would like to be collected are acceptable:

We can collect many items including:

  • Furniture (each piece counts as 1 item, for example, 2 chairs = 2 items, bed and mattress = 2 items)
    For example, 3 seater sofa is classed as 3 items (£30)
    A Sofa and two armchairs would be 5 items (£30) for sofa plus £5 for each arm chair - total £40.00)
    A bed and a mattress would be counted as two items (£30). Sofa is paid for as per the number they seat
  • Carpet (1 rooms worth = 1 item)
  • White goods
  • Cooker/Oven
  • Vacuum cleaner

Items we will not remove

The following items will never be removed:

  • Cars
  • Pianos
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial Fridges
  • American-style fridge-freezers
  • Oil or items that have been contaminated with oil. For example, oil tanks
  • Tyres
  • Vehicle batteries

Please consult a telephone directory or check online for specialist disposal companies.

How to book a bulky item collection

Once you have identified that the item can be collected, or if are still unsure if it can be, call one of our advisors on 03450 450063 and ask to book a bulky collection.
They will ask for your name and address. This is so we can identify your information on our systems and find out what day the collection is, in your area.

How long do I need to wait for a bulky item collection?

Please call us to find out what collection slots are available. It is sometimes possible to book a bulky waste collection for the next day providing that you call before 3pm the day before. Please note that, like bin collections, bulky waste collections are affected by bank holidays.

When phoning our contact advisors, they will provide you with available dates depending on when you are looking to have your item removed. This can be as far in advance as you would like but can not be for the same day.

Once the date has been arranged, the advisor will ask you for a contact telephone number in case of any issues, and a list of what items need to be collected.

The crew will not pick up anything that is not listed. If you want to add any further items later, just call before 3pm the day before the collection and this can be added on.

The final stage is making a payment, the advisor will explain how much the fee is.

How much does a bulky item collection cost?

£30 for 3 items and then an additional £5 for each item added onto that collection, up to a maximum of 9 items.

However, hazardous items cost £25 each.
This includes household items such as:

  • fridge
  • freezer
  • TV
  • microwave

If you add extra items on later, a payment for the difference can be made then. If a payment is not made then the collection will be rejected.

A receipt can be emailed or printed and sent to you in the post if you require this.

Where are bulky items collected from?

Bulky collections are taken from the front of the property, so you do not have to be there for them to collect. The collection crews are not able to enter your property which is why we ask for the items to be left outside.

The crew is out as early as 6am, so the items will need to be outside from that time on the date of collection, the night before is also fine.

What if I change my mind?

If you later change your mind or no longer need the items collected, we can refund the payment and cancel the collection if you contact an advisor before 3pm the day before the collection date. Anything later than this time we cannot refund.

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