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When ordering a new, additional or replacement bin or sacks please use our online request a bin form. Reporting a stolen or damaged bin should also be reported via the online form. If we are collecting an old bin from you, please leave this at the front of the property for ease of access.

Request your bin or sacks

Below is a summary of the bins we provide and the charges for each (if applicable):

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Colour of bin Type of waste Maximum amount per property Alternatives issued (at our discretion) Delivery of bins charge Collection of bins charge Collection of additional bins charge
Blue Recycling 4 Clear sack No charge for 2nd bin, £25 each for 3rd and 4th bin None None 
Green Food and garden 4 Brown sack None 1 bin no charge £45 per bin annually (October - September, irrespective of when purchased)
Black General waste 1 White sack £56 None None


Size of bins

We have 2 sizes of bin available - a standard size and a small size (issued at our discretion).  

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Type of bin
Standard bin - capacity 240 litres Size: 107 x 48 x 74cm
Small bin - capacity 140 litres Size: 107 x 48 x 55.5cm


Click on the headings below to find out more information about our bins:

Number of bins allowed per property: 4 in total


  • Delivery of bins: free
  • Collection of first bin: no extra charge
  • Collection of additional bins: annual paid subscription. Fixed year from October to September, irrespective of when purchased. Subscription details can be viewed on our paying for your extra green bin page

A sticker will be provided for each additional green bin. It may take up to 14 days for them to arrive once permits are paid for. The sticker provided must be placed on the body of the bin at the back, under the handles so it is clearly visible to the collection crews. The bin should then be put out on collection day with the handles towards the road. If a second or additional green bin does not have a sticker, Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service cannot guarantee to empty it. Please do not present your bin for collection until you have received and displayed your permit.

Number of bins allowed per property: 4 in total.

Do you need an extra blue bin? Occasional extra recycling can be placed in a transparent sack and put next to the bin on collection day.


  • Delivery of bins: free other than third and fourth bin which are £25 each
  • Collection of all bins: no extra charge

Number of bins allowed per property: maximum of 2 in total (if eligible)


  • Delivery of bins if lost or damaged: free
  • Delivery of additional bin (at our discretion): charged
  • Delivery of additional bin to those with medical need: free

Please see our Clinical Waste page for information on clinical and hygiene waste.

If a bin is recorded by us as damaged or lost during emptying it, we will replace it free of charge.

In exceptional circumstances, an additional smaller black bin is permitted. This is charged for. Please contact us if you feel that you need this.

Second bins will be delivered with a sticker attached to them so that these can be easily identified by crews as authorised. Additional bins without stickers will not be emptied.

When ordering a replacement bin please use our online request a bin form. This also applies to reporting a stolen or damaged bin.

The online bin request form cannot be used to order communal bins for blocks of flats. Please contact customer services on 01954 713 000 or email to discuss your requirements.

Size and number of bins

1100 litre and 660 litre wheeled bins, as is required. Smaller blocks can be issued with 360 and 240 litres. The number of bins provided will depend on the number of occupants.


  • Delivery of black bins: no charge
  • Delivery of blue and green bins: no charge
  • Collection of additional green bins for garden waste: charged

Green bins for garden and food waste bins at flats

Bins will normally only be provided for the collection of general rubbish and recycling. The exception is ground floor flats with their own garden that may require a green bin. In this case the green bin information above applies.

If you require a sack service please contact Customer Services to arrange this.

Sacks can be provided if:

  • If you do not have space to store a bin off the public highway or
  • Have physical barriers that prevent a bin being safely moved to the collection point

Sacks available are:

  • White sacks for general rubbish
  • Brown paper sacks for garden and food waste
  • Clear recycling sacks for recycling

Sacks are to be used instead of bins and not in addition to a bin. If you require a sack service please contact Customer Services to arrange this.

A set of 3 x 240 litre bins will be issued to new houses as standard. The size and quantity of bins issued to flats will be as per the agreement at the planning consultation stage.

The cost to issue bins to new properties is a one-off £90 charge which covers all 3 bins. Where S106 applies, this is paid for by the developer, otherwise the cost is incurred by the householder.

If you have moved into a new house, please check that the developer or landlord has not ordered bins for you before placing an order with us.

Want to cancel or query?

To amend, cancel or query your order, please send details of your order and what you need to

If you have a commercial waste, the form below should not be used, please visit the Commercial waste website for further information.

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